Monday, February 13, 2023

Train Derailments, UFOs

 Shortly after it was revealed that Pfizer was playing dirty games with the virus, all hell seemed to break loose around us.  We have seen 3 trains derail in a day?  A week?  Unheard of, and now we are reading about UFOs in the news.  It appears someone, somewhere wants the Pfizer story buried, and quick.  "They" likely can hear echoes of a war crimes tribunal in the Pfizer reveal and that called for some drastic action.

Now we are being distracted with stories of UFOs and train derailments.  The trains are a problem for us that serve numerous agendas for "them."  They don't like industrial anything (emits carbon) so they can shrug their shoulders at the disasters and embrace the "bad industry" climate change narrative.  Derailed trains also serve to further dismantle the supply chain moving forward the "great reset."  In the case of Ohio there will likely be massive health problems and some "decarbonization" of human based carbon as the highly toxic chemicals have gone into the air, soil and water.

The UFO narrative gets moved along a tad as that is something in the pipeline anyway so to 1. distract from the Pfizer war crimes while 2. laying seed for the eventual alien reveal is a win/win.  

Lots of moving parts but its the same story.  We, humanity (especially in the west) are under attack by "them."  "They" are servants of our spiritual enemy.  So all these moving parts are just moving the war against us along while trying to keep themselves out of war crimes tribunals.  That's the summary version of the recent flurry of headlines.

Last but not least this reinforces our need to pray about the list:

1.  food

2. water

3. power

4. gas/diesel

5. comms/internet

Notice in this Ohio derailment the water supply got hit.  "They" are denying everything but dead fish floating in the rivers all around the derailment tell us what we need to know.  Its been said here before and its being said again:

1. If we like fresh water, we need to pray

2. If we like to eat and feed our families, we need to pray.

3. If we like ATMs, gas pumps, street lights, our houses and everything else that uses power to work, then we need to pray

4.  If we like food on store shelves and all the other goods and services that rely on gasoline and diesel fuel to get them to us, then we need to pray.

5.  If we like to be able to communicate and do all the other things that rely heavily on a working internet connection, then we need to pray.

We are under attack.  Day in and day out and the vast majority of people around us are utterly oblivious.  Do you know what you call someone in a war zone that does not know they are in a warzone?...............................they are called a victim.

This is all out total war with "them" waging war against everyone else at the same time.  

Seems fairly bad right?  Maybe even hopeless?  Yea, if all one has is this world and the things of this world.  We are not of this world we are just passing through.  We have resources "they" don't.  The restrainer is still at work in this world which suggests doom for all their plans to implement their demonic world order before it is time.  "They" don't get to determine when they will be allowed to have their superman or their demonic world order.  There is a time for that but only the Lord God gets to determine when that is.  

So, all this flurry of activity on their part appears to be going nowhere (at least for now).  Until the restrainer is taken out of the way they can kick and scream and throw whatever other tantrums they want but they don't get their "world order" until our God says they do.  In the meantime yes they can create alot of death and destruction which is what they are doing now.  This calls for us who believe to do what we do.  Get down on those knees and pray.  "Playing church" isn't going to cut it any longer.  Neither is being a "lay member" of some group calling itself a church.  Nico-laitan (literally "conquer the laity" -the Lord God said He hates it....

It is time to stop "going to church" and time to start "being the church."  We are the Body of Jesus Christ, which is the Church.  How can we "go" to something we "are"?  The Lord has been preparing us for this over a period of years.  There is still time to get it right now before all hell breaks loose everywhere.  We who believe can pray.  Prayer with belief can move mountains.  It is mountains that stand in our path, wagging their fingers at us telling us they will be the end of us.  Not if prayer and belief can help it.  Not if the promises of God are still alive and well (they are).

Things were "getting real" and now it is all here.  We as humans can see disaster coming from afar and do something about it.  We dont have to wait until disaster is at our doorstep.  Now is the time to pray and believe the Lord God will come through for us because without Him it is game over.  We find ourselves exactly in the same spot as Israel backed up against the Red Sea with Pharaoh bearing down on them intent on destruction.  The Lord seems to enjoy these seemingly impossible situations and it makes sense in a way.  God does God stuff that is impossible for us but just another day at the office for Him.

Time to end this post but you get the message.  They are coming at us from every direction and we need to pray.  If we pray, the Lord will hear us and He will do His thing which is what we need. Glory to God

grace and peace