Friday, February 24, 2023

We Are Under Attack: Gas/Diesel

 3 oil facilities attacked all on the same day.  The chances of this being an "accident" are .00000000000000000000000000000000000000001% or so.  Its an attack.  Gas/diesel is one of the items we need to pray protection over.  Why?  As of today, that is how groceries are delivered to the stores we get our food from.  Maybe 10 years from now that will be different but today if we want to keep food on our tables we need to pray for protection over the gas/diesel supplies.

This is the new nazi party waging war on humanity in the name of their "great reset."  Their "reset" is just another code word for their demonic world order which they will not get until their superman arrives and that does not/will not/cannot happen until the Lord God Almighty allows it to happen.  As of today, that project is a no go.

"They" have declared war on us and the only hope we have to survive it is prayer.  The politicians/pastors/priests/and so called "patriots" are too busy trying to get paid to worry about anyone else but themselves.  They have all been exposed for who and what they are.  Only the Lord God is willing and able to help those who have not sold out to this world.

If we pray, the Lord will answer.

Glory to God

grace and peace