Monday, April 10, 2023

Another Attack on our Food Infrastructure

 Since when do dairy farms have explosions that look like a JDAM strike?  Its each and every day folks.  "They" are at war with us and if we want to eat, have clean water to drink, have a safe place to sleep, have the electricity turn on when we flip light switches, or have the internet work or have functioning road and rail networks, we better pray.  

The Nazis never went away, they are in charge again almost exactly one generation from when Hitler was running around Europe in WW2.  The hyper focus on race is a Nazi thing.  Cancel culture is a Nazi thing.  Vaccine passports (show me your papers) is a Nazi thing.  Blitzkrieg war against everyone is a Nazi thing.  Today's Nazis are at war with their own people while also at war overseas with everyone who hasn't accepted their "my way or the highway" philosophy.  

Thankfully the Nazis lost WW2 and they are in the process of getting their rear ends handed to them in WW3 as well.  Prayer works, they are losing.  Yes, there was a lot of pain, suffering and death in the process of the Nazis losing in WW2 just like the same is happening today.  

These stories of our critical infrastructure being destroyed are in the news every single day.  This writer just gets tired of posting them sometimes.  Nothing should motivate a person more than when you know a group is trying to "decarbonize" them.  No carbon = no human, its that simple.  We need to pray about everything all the time.  If its important (food and water are fairly important if humans want to live...) we better be praying over it every single day.  We are no longer doing peacetime prayer, this is wartime prayer which requires a different level of everything.

We did not want war but we did not start this, "they" did.  Now its time to pray and finish.  We were put here on this earth in this season for a reason.  Each one of us has talents skills and abilities to be employed in the service of the great King.  Each one of us can also pray and stand in agreement with everyone else who is praying for the same things.  We have been given the tools to make life a living hell for the enemy which is precisely what they are trying to do to us.  Hell on earth is what is coming for them.  If you are a bit hazy on what that looks like start reading your Bible from Revelation 6 on to the end.

"They" are in trouble and they know it.  Let us continue to do what we were put here to do.  Pray without ceasing and fight the good fight of faith.

1 Tim 6:12

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Glory to God

grace and peace