Tuesday, April 25, 2023

If You Don't Like Joey Diapers You Better Pray


A Demoncrat was caught red handed in Michigan committing voter fraud/election rigging and there will be no jail time.  "They" have rigged two major (s)elections in a row and countless smaller ones with ease.  Now that they know the American people will do nothing (they guessed before, now they know....) in the face of outright fraud they have no plans to stop in the future.  We are told that the next (s)election will be Joey Diapers vs the bad orange man and you can be sure of this-they absolutely positively will not allow the bad orange man to be elected again.

"They" were surprised once.  After that they swore to themselves "never again."  Joey even admitted they now have the most historic voter fraud organization in history in place and over time not only has it not been challenged it has become more entrenched.  The mid-term steal in 2022 was about putting another demoncrat in place in Arizona and making sure Pennsylvania was locked down.  We are looking at a year and change before the next (s)election and zero has been done by the "good guys" to challenge any of it.

"They" don't care if you know that they know that you know that historic voter fraud is taking place.  They already know nobody will do a thing about it.  So, the chances of Joey Diapers winning again is 99.999999999%.  Why leave out the .0000000001% chance?  We have to leave room for the Lord.  The Lord is watching the people of America and the western world and asking "are you done yet?"  Done with what?  Done with the priests/pastors/politicians/press/"patriots" and all the other nonsense that has failed and is continuing to fail humanity over a period of years.  Or "are you going to go back to the same people who continue to fail you for another attempt at futility?"  

Until people wake up, get on their knees and cry out to the Lord God-expect more pain.  Once again, we remember the Lord places an X over America due one year from now in April 2024.

Remember we are dealing with Nazis here and the Nazis would rather burn the place to the ground than give up control again.  They have been in the process of burning over the course of the past two years and people seem to accept it believing that the orange man will save them in 2024.  He sold America down the river once already as the king of the deathvax.  He also filled his cabinet with swamp creatures while promising to drain the swamp?  You get the idea.  

It will take Divine intervention for America to survive between now and November 2024 without being razed to the ground by the globalists.  Based on the forecast above (X over America) we dont even have that long.

So, the point of all this is only the Lord God can save this place from getting razed.  We have been sold out by all the so called "leaders" of every stripe who are supposed to be standing up to the evil that threatens humanity.  There is still some time left for people to stop the futility of what they have been doing and turn to the Lord for deliverance.  If we get down on our knees and pray there might still be some hope that the Nazis will get sent packing sooner rather than later.

Glory to God

grace and peace