Thursday, April 06, 2023

Wartime Prayer

 The difference between today and the not so distant past is we know "they" are waging a war on us.  This means our prayer life should be on a wartime footing.  The operational tempo (optempo) of wartime should be consistently higher than peacetime.  And this is a long winded way of saying complacency should be out the window.  Sleepy time prayer, kinda shoulda woulda prayer needs to be out the window.  We are praying for survival now against an enemy intent on killing, stealing and destroying at a pace unseen in our lifetime.

In recent days multiple enemy mouthpieces "promised" us that there would be another plandemic.  We should take them seriously when they tell us what they are going to do because despite all the lies, fraud and deceit they have been by necessity forthcoming with what they plan to do to us.  This brings us back to wartime prayer, prayer targets, and prayer preparation of the battlefield.  When "they" tell us what they are going to do that needs to be added to our prayer list.  In addition to another promised plandemic they are openly telling us they are trying to poison our food supply.  We need to pray with an excel spreadsheet to keep up with the pace of attacks being waged against humanity.

We are here for a reason in this season.  Our job is and always has been to pray and seek our Lord's face.  These days that job has been moved up from important to critical.  We need to remember to stand in agreement with each other in our prayers about all the things on the ever growing list.  Agreement in prayer is a combat multiplier.  

We have an enemy that is actively trying to decarbonize humanity.  They are out of the closet with this stuff because they know that the so called "leaders" in the west of all shapes and sizes (politicians/pastors/priests/press/"patriots") have done and will do nothing to stop them.  "They" have booked two stolen (s)elections and they have no plans to stop anytime soon.  They were surprised by the orange skinned wonder the first time, that will not happen again.  Whatever fraud, theft, lieing, cheating or whatever else needs to happen to maintain control will happen because the population from high to low has demonstrated they plan on rolling over.

The U.S. is now less than two years away from the next (s)election and this servant can tell you that without Divine intervention this is what will happen (again).  Voting will take place on (s)election day then the fun begins.  "They" will begin counting and when they see that they need more votes, counting will stop until they have printed whatever they need to pull back to even plus 1% or so (see 2020 and 2022 (s)elections for details).  Then counting will continue until they see they need more printing, at which time counting will stop again, printing will start again until they have what they need plus 1% or so.  Rinse and repeat for a week or three (however long it takes them to complete the steal) then the oh so close but no cigar results will be revealed:  they win, you lose!  But it was sooooooooo close, better luck next time!

Until people wake up, its not going to stop and perhaps that is the Lord's plan all along.  The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over expecting a different result each time.  How many people are going to continue to vote when Joey Diapers is declared their president again?  Considering how much damage "they" have done with Joey D/B in office over the past two years and with two years or so still to go it will take a miracle for the U.S. to make it in one piece to 11/2024.  Perhaps that is why the Lord placed an X over America in 2024.

Regardless of what most people do, we who believe have a job to do.  Be salt and light in this world is our job.  So until the Lord sees fit to remove His Church we are to restrain the rot and darkness though prayer and the use of our God given talents, skills and abilities.  If we do our job, this servant is optimistic that despite the almost universal apathy and decay, we will see the enemy's hand stayed until the time for their demonic world order has arrived.   

Glory to God

grace and peace