Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Best That Apostianity Can Offer?

Mega-preacher's wife sued over loss of faith

The wife of the biggest nicolaitan preacher in America has anger issues? Think long and hard about this one. Supposedly, are'nt these preachers right up there with the angelic choirs at the feet of Jesus? You'd think so by the attendance at the apostate temple there in Houston. Victoria and Joel are the poster children for the apostate church. By their fruits you shall know them, RIGHT? God forbid you mention that to a member of "their" church. Think about this, what would Jesus do? Do you think Jesus or any of the apostles would have been fined by the FAA for interference with a flight crew? Are we not ambassadors of Christ Jesus and his kingdom? Why not let your clothes get sticky? The way the Osteens rape the flock, its not like they could'nt buy new clothes when they landed. If they are going to be good wolves, at least TRY to act like a sheep. They don't even bother. Victoria Osteen is the CO-PASTOR of that church. News like this and the many other things published over and over and over again in the news are all you need to see, all you need to know. Time is short, the wolves are'nt even bothering with their costumes anymore. grace and peace