Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fear Not

Fear not is something that's said over and over again in the bible, think the Lord means it when he says "FEAR NOT?" I do. Take the days we live in for example, there's alot to fear out there huh? Guess what, fear not. What most of the world sees fearfully, I see as the Lord's mercy. If indeed we are witnessing the last days before the rapture and tribulation, then the tough times we are going through today could save many people from HELL ON EARTH, and hell below later. If its true that some people will not have to suffer the horrors of the tribulation and all of the ominous things that are in the world RIGHT NOW staring everyone in the face, would'nt you want to be part of the escape? Jesus calls it an escape, I did'nt call it HE DID. Luke 21:36 says there's an ESCAPE coming for some people. I want to be a part of that don't you? I can tell you that I want out of here in a big way, I have forsaken this world, I hate it, this is not our home, nor our kingdom, why should we want anything to do with it. We should hate the world, anyone who is friends with the world is an enemy of God. We are to love people, ALL of them. Hate evil behavior but love people. Jesus died for the world, we are to die to the world. We are dead to the world but alive to Christ. Lift your heads up and look, your redemption draws near. Remain in him. grace and peace