Friday, April 10, 2009

The Ark

What do I hear the Spirit saying to the churches today?

Return to the fundamentals of the faith,

Return to a simple childlike faith in Jesus Christ.

The Ark: We do not have to wait for the day of the escape to get into the Ark. Jesus Christ is our ark of safety. Noah entered the ark before the flood started. You and I need to be in the ark, which is to say "in Christ" before the flood of our day starts.

Today is the second day of Passover. Today is a time to remember everything the Lord has done for us, and for those who have been "in Christ" from the beginning. Praise him today, worship him today. Be found in the ark today. People are running around looking for answers today from everywhere except the one place that counts: the Creator.

We are not of the world, we should not fear what they fear. We eat at the king of the universe's table, what is it we need that he cannot provide? We have access 24/7, 365 to one on one time with the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, what is it that we should concern or worry ourselves about?

Bring your troubles and concerns to him. Ask and you shall receive, seek (with all your heart) and you shall find. When you ask DO NOT DOUBT, and you will receive what you have asked for in prayer. If people had any idea just how real and powerful our God's promises are....if they had any idea just how immutable his laws are. When he says something, he means it. If it was written, it is fact. Time and experience has proven to me that the word of God is 100% right on accurate.

Trust in him, believe, build your faith, GET OUT OF THE BOAT and meet Jesus on the water today. My brother Jeff gave me that one a long time ago...walking outside the boat with Jesus. The fearful and the timid and the weak need to build their faith today. We are already in the storm, but we have'nt seen bad yet. If the mental picture the Lord gave me is correct, we will come so close to the time of Jacob's trouble, we will feel it in our bones, smell it, sense it, you name it. Does that make sense in light of what we know? The escape and destruction fall on the same day...just like Noah..just like Lot.

Withdraw from the mudhole that is this world. Take refuge in the King of Kings. Today is still a pre-flood day. Today is still a pre-brimstone day. Do not take today for granted! Complacency is creeping into people's lives again. Wake up, splash yourself with some cold water, slap yourself across the face, do whatever you have to but wake up! This world is singing a siren song, don't let it captivate you.

Get back on your knees in prayer daily, feed on the word of God daily. Pray without ceasing. Remember what our God has done and praise him for it. Build your faith, BELIEVE...cast your cares on him because he loves you.

done for today, grace and peace