Monday, December 26, 2011

6.0 Earthquake Today-Tonga

A 6.0 earthquake is large. Tonga is just north of New Zealand.

We are coming around the sun now to reach full exposure to whatever it is that is heading right at us. If this year repeats last years beggining, we have enough evidence in my mind to state with certainty that a destroyer of some kind is inbound.

If a destroyer is inbound, what does that mean from a Christian perspective? It means that we are counting down the "pre-flood" time this world has. The Word of God tells us in many places that the Lord knows how to deliver the godly (2 Peter 2, Noah, Lot etc). If deliverance comes before the destroyer arrives, then time may be shorter than most people think.

We do not know how much time is left. 2012 is almost here but it could be just another ordinary year of historic earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear reactors melting down and poisoning the earth, revolution forming, economic collapse in know..."normal."

We must be patient and ready to wait here indefinitely and we must be ready to leave here today. The Lord can call for us to give an account of ourselves any minute now...are we ready? Patience will likely be needed this year since 2012 has been built up in the minds of many, what a great fall they will have if the year ends up passing "normally" as I described it above.

The world will not end in 2012, this world has at least 7 years left until the Lord comes back then we have another 1000 years after that etc. The world as many people know it has been, and will continue to change right before their very eyes and they do not see it. Their normalcy bias and spiritual blindness has them in a state where they cannot see.

There are so called christians (because I dont know what they are) that tell us the government statistics indicate there has been no increase in earthquakes so we should not worry. We should not worry because we know the governments of the world would never alter data.....rigggghhhht.

If we call these earthquakes as we see them, we have no need of edited statistics. Today we have another 6.0 piece of evidence of what is happening.

The Lord told us when all these things begin to happen, we should look up. Look up and what do you see? We will be called into the clouds with the Lord Jesus. There is an escape from all coming that our Lord guaranteed us. We have a blessed hope. We serve the God of all comfort if we are in right standing with Him.

If one of these very large earthquakes takes place under a large population center there will be no warning for those who live there. They need to be right with the Lord today. If a large earthquake takes place in the ocean creating another tsunami that impacts a large city, those people need to be right with the Lord when it arrives. Who knows if and when these things might happen? Lesson here is because we dont know, we must be watching and ready to meet the Lord today.

What is the parable of the virgins and the parable of the talents in Matt 25? Be prepared to wait, and be ready for the Master to return right now so you can settle accounts with Him. Be using your talents wisely so you can show some profit, however small when He arrives.

Things are far from normal today. I can physically sense how not right things are, even though I cannot describe with words exactly what it is I sense. A clock appears to be counting down for this world but nobody except the Lord knows how much time is left on the clock. Let us be found doing the things we know we should be doing when our Master returns for us. Let us do these things with great patience and endurance so we do not need to "go buy oil" like foolish virgins when the Lord calls us through the door for the wedding.

Keep the faith, grace and peace