Tuesday, December 27, 2011

6.6 Earthquake Siberia

Here's another very large earthquake that hit 9 hours ago today. This time it was in Siberia. When these quakes hit areas that are sparsely populated everyone brushes them off. What's to worry, nobody lives there right? What's the guarantee that tomorrow a 6.6 does not hit directly under the place you live?

Yesterday it was a 6.0 north of New Zealand. Today a 6.6 in Russia. These are large quakes....

The evidence is stacking up and we haven't even reached January 1 yet. Whoever wants to tell us that earthquakes (especially major quakes) are not on the increase can be quickly silenced through the facts we are seeing every day now. Back to back 6.0 plus quakes in diverse locations tell us we are indeed on the right track with our thinking.

When all these things begin to happen...look up.

grace and peace