Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Exercise

I have an exercise for you today so you will see with your own eyes that "they" are hiding things from us in space.

1. go to google and type in "google sky"
2. When you get to google sky, type in "sirius"

Now zoom in or out as much as you have to so you can see the obvious obscured/hidden area of space that the people at google and their masters do not want you to see.

Why hide space objects from our view? There is one reason and only one reason to hide what's happening in space today. Something you should know is being hidden so you don't know and cannot act.

What did the Lord tell us to do when "all these things begin to happen?" LOOK UP. When you look up today where is your gaze focused? The heavens. What's up in the heavens today? Well, we don't know fully because many things are being hidden from us.

"They" can hide everything and it won't matter. Why? The very act of hiding tells us to be on the alert and watching. What did the Lord tell us to be doing? Watch and be ready. Over and over again we have been told to watch and be ready. They can hide whatever they want to because although they hide whats coming at us in the heavens, they cannot hide the 6.0, 7.0, 8.8, and 9.0 earthquakes that are already rocking this planet like a washing machine.

Look at that google sky image of sirius and notice the edge of the hidden area and the area all around the hidden area. Whatever this thing is they are hiding it is massive and it is brilliantly lit.

Put the pieces together. Watch what is happening to this earth. Watch how they are hiding things from us in space. Remember the Word of our Lord to look up. Figure out for yourselves what you see when you look up and what that means.

If we want to understand the days we are living in we need to pay careful attention to what the Lord told us to do. Watch, be ready, look up.

grace and peace