Monday, January 09, 2012

Another LARGE Earthquake-Santa Cruz Islands

A large 6.6 on the richter scale hit the santa cruz islands this morning. Now we have two quakes within an 8 day period that were at or around 7.0. The new years day 2012 quake was reported some places as a 7.0, others reported a 6.8.

If we do not have another quake this month we will have already met the threshold I was looking for to prove that we are indeed looking at a multi-year repetitive pattern of strong earthquakes on this side of the sun which then tells me that whatever is coming at us is not a figment of my imagination.

As a reminder, the quake that leveled Haiti in 2012 occurred on January 12. Here we are on the 9th with a quake that is very very close to the same strength, and just 3 days away on the calendar.

As time moves forward through to March, the quakes get stronger. Don't take my word for it, check the facts. 2/27/2010, what happened? An 8.8 earthquake in Chile that shifted the earth's axis. On 3/11/2011, what happened? a 9.0 monster in Japan that shifted the earth's axis.

We've already had 2 strong quakes this month and we have only reached the second week of the month. Are you getting this? As a point of reference, there was no mention on the front page of any of the lame stream news outlets for this powerful quake today. They don't want you to know. The media wants you to go back to sleep with more irrelevant news about who is going to be (s)elected (by them) as El Presidente or how beyonce's baby is doing etc, you know, worthless information.

2 powerful quakes in 8 days. We can only wonder how the rest of January, February and March will shape up. What's the point? Why write these things here? If a destroyer is inbound to the earth then a countdown clock is ticking for many people's days here. What does that mean? It means people need to figure out a solution to the problem facing them, namely imminent destruction. The solution has a name and that name is Jesus Christ. The Lord has offered an escape to the righteous. Don't believe me, re-read 2 Peter 2. The Lord knows how to deliver the righteous and not just with a "spiritual deliverance." Noah was saved with a physical deliverance, Lot was saved with a physical deliverance, and we will be delivered the same way if we are found worthy.

The Lord's deliverance for some will be physical and spiritual. Just exactly as it was in the days of Noah and Lot, so it will be again. Go read it for yourselves in Mark 13, Luke 17 or Matt 24. Read what the Lord told is in Luke 21....pray that you may be counted worthy to escape ALL of whats about to happen. Escape how much? All. I am often amused and dismayed at many peoples lack of grasp of the english language. What does all mean? It means all, not part of, not some of, not 3/4, not most of, it means all or 100%, or everything. How much of the flood did Noah escape? All of it. How much of the raining fire did Lot escape? All of it.

These strong quakes which we are observing with a definite pattern tell us that a destroyer is inbound and we would do well to prepare for it. The Lord told Noah that destruction was coming. The Lord sent angels to tell Lot that destruction was coming. The Lord guided both men to their deliverance. In our day the Lord has provided the same guidance. What did He tell us we should be doing? We should be watching and ready for His return. Why? The ark was a type of HIM. He is our ark, He is our safety, He is our physical and spiritual deliverance....He calls Himself "I AM" for a reason. Everything we need we find in Him.

There is a solution today for the monumental problems facing this world and those who have eyes to see and ears to hear know what that solution is: Jesus Christ the Son of God. Anger, wrath and judgement are coming. The time for mankind to exalt himself is almost at an end. The day is coming soon when the Lord God alone will be exalted. He will be known for what He is, God Almighty. Every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father.

We know what's coming guys. We have objective evidence that something very very bad is coming to this world's neighborhood soon. What does soon mean? I don't know but the way these quakes are stacking themselves up in the calendar I would say buckle your seatbelts now. How many more 7.0 or so quakes do we have left between now and March? The Lord knows.

Our job is to be watching and ready for the return of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. We are to do this watching through prayer (Matt 26, Mark 14, Luke 21, 1 Peter 4:7) with patience (wise virgins Matt 25). We are to be ready through the Word of God which is the gospel of peace (Eph 6). Let us be found doing what we were told to do so when He returns we will not be ashamed in His presence.

grace and peace