Monday, January 23, 2012

M6.2 Earthquake Just Offshore Bio-Bio Chile, UPDATE:Second Quake M6.3 South of Fiji-Same Day

(UPDATE: No sooner had I finished this post when a second quake M6.3 struck south of the Fiji Islands-its getting unreal guys...)

Notice with me that we are seeing these large earthquakes almost daily now. A 6.0 is a large quake. I have been watching the earthquake activity around Chile ratchet up over the past few weeks. Today we have a 6.2 right on their doorstep. A trip down memory lane shows us that on 2/27/2010, chile had their 8.8 that shifted the earths axis by a few inches. February is next month and the activity is on the uptick in the same place (Chile) again. Will they get another earth axis shifting quake this year? Time will tell.

Why write about this here? Because the earth is changing in ways that spell bad things for humanity. This writer believes there is a destroyer inbound to the earth. What is it? Who knows? Do we need to label it? Not really, I call it the destroyer, call it whatever you want but what we call it does not change the fact that it is inbound and the evidence is stacking up all around us. What evidence? How about a pattern of earthquakes that has been demonstrating itself for years now. We are now watching these quakes play themselves out again during the months of January through March of this year.

Its a pattern, and it repeats itself which is proof that business is not usual on earth these days. Speaking of business not usual, we can cite temperatures this week in the mid-50's during the heart of winter across the mid-atlantic region of the US, and we can cite tornadoes this week ripping across the deep south in the US which usually starts in the spring/early summer-not in the middle of winter, we can point to the dead birds for year, dead fish by the millions for years, the list goes on.

Again, why write this here? If a destroyer is inbound to the earth then millions if not billions of people could be face to face with their Creator soon. The rapture is one way to meet Him, dieing out is another way. Bottom line? We would be wise to be ready to face the changing circumstances around us by getting ready to meet the Creator. The Lord could come back for us any moment now.

I'm not sure if you have seen the reports on youtube of people hearing strange sounds all around the world over the past weeks. I have thought about this before saying anything here. My conclusion is that events are moving along rapidly and the enemy is going to attempt to counterfeit everything. Deception is going to be (already is) rampant. When the enemy seeks to hide real end time signals among fake signals what are we to do? Take all the end time signals seriously. The presence of the counterfeit is evidence of the real thing somewhere in our environment.

I've listened to the sounds and one word fits them: alien. There are many different explanations for where they come from, what the source is etc. We don't need to know. In my opinion the sounds are one more piece of data to plug into the "business is not usual" picture that is framing itself all around us.

History has proven to me that we need to heed the Lord's Word to be patient. The events taking place around us seem to scream "time is up" but we would be wise not to be hasty. We must be ready for the Lord to arrive immediately, but we must also have great endurance and patience to wait for Him for another 30 years if thats what it takes. My mind cannot even register the Lord delaying that long but He has delayed up through today and I thought He would have come back years ago. The lesson? Don't be hasty in our thoughts.

A part of me on the inside right now seems to be pointing toward something huge going down in the near term future. I cant nail it down. I am expecting the large earthquakes based on the yearly pattern but I'm talking something else. Are we about to see the great deception take place? Is the removal of restraint gradually taking place before our eyes? Is the last act of the removal of restraint the catching away of the true believers in Christ Jesus?


Be watching and ready for the Master to arrive for us. Be watching and ready to see all the things the bible said would happen, happen before our eyes. It feels like something very big is about to take place. The stage has been set for something big to occur. All that remains now is for the curtain to be raised so the show can begin.

The Lord our God is a fortress and a tower and a strong rock. He is a hiding place from the storm. Days like today make me want to beat down the door to get inside the hiding place because what I see outside is so ominous. I have lived a life "in Christ" with varying degrees of success along the way and I can tell you that "in Christ" is the only place of safety anyone in this world has today. Everything else is an illusion. I pray for you, my family and myself that we may be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen.

grace and peace