Monday, January 02, 2012

More Evidence of the Approach of the Destroyer

Thousands upon thousands of dead animals, fish and birds especially are dieing once again all around the world. The excuses used by the 'experts' last time were ridiculous, this time around they are even more ridiculous because now we have a repetitive pattern. Just like the earthquake activity, the animal death activity we are seeing has formed a repetitive pattern.

Not only do we have increased earthquakes and animal deaths, we also have increased volcanic activity. For every one volcano we see, there are many more under water that we do not.

This is another piece of evidence that something like the flood of Noah's day is approaching the earth. It won't be a flood this time, the Lord promised the world will not see that same destruction again, but all the other destruction detailed in the book of Revelation is on the way.

When we see the destruction on a scale unimaginable approaching what should we do about it? The bible told us this was coming. Read the words of the prophets and the book of Revelation, what do you see? Wrath, judgement and punishment for the sins of man...that is whats coming. Should the righteous fear this destruction? Ask Noah, ask Lot. Noah was spared and so was Lot. The punishment meant for the wicked did not touch them.

2 Peter 2 tells us that the Lord knows how to deliver the righteous. This writer knows from first hand experience that the Lord knows how to deliver us. The life of this writer has been one deliverance after another, one blessing after another. Hard times and tough experiences have been throughout but just as we read in Psalm 34, I have been delivered from all my fears. To the Lord alone be the glory for His precious promises.

If a destroyer is coming, so is a deliverance. Luke 21:36 tells us clearly that there is an escape from all and we should pray for it. Only a fool would disregard this command.

We started off the year with a very large earthquake near Japan and with thousands upon thousands of animals dieing all around the world...WAKE UP, and don't let the deceivers put you back to sleep. These words are written to you today not for fear, but to point your attention to faith in the only salvation and deliverance man can hope for in the dark age-that is faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God, to Him be the glory and the power and the honor and the splendor and the riches forever and ever, amen.

Keep the faith, grace and peace