Monday, January 09, 2012

Emergency landing as two BA pilots 'nearly pass out'

I believe this article points to another piece of the puzzle that I have not yet been able to put my finger on. The symptoms those pilots experienced, are things I routinely experience to a lesser degree. It's not only me, but many others around me who are indicating that they feel this same way almost daily now...that is-not well.

Since Jan 3 of this year, I have been feeling physically the way those pilots did. It's as if something were turned on, I don't know. It's not a sick feeling, but it is certainly a "I don't feel well or right" feeling.

Most people refuse to admit or even talk about this kind of thing. Nobody in today's world wants to admit any hint of weakness. I will admit to you, something is not right and I feel it physically. I know what sick feels like and this is not it. Its something else. Its almost as if someone has turned on an electro-magnet right beside my head. Kind of like that.

Although this could be some kind of man made issue, I dont think it is. Evidence? New Years 2012 greeted us with thousands upon thousands of birds flying into walls and streets etc. This isnt new, review the news articles from last year. Whatever those animals were feeling, we're getting some of it too. I believe that whatever this things is coming at us is pushing something our way that is causing people like these pilots, and myself to feel these symptoms.

Bottom line-this is another sign of impeding drastic change that is likely not going to be pleasant. Why write this here? Because the solution is what it always has been. Commit everything to the Lord and allow Him to sort it out. I don't know whats causing all the mass animal deaths, but the Lord does. I'm not sure what's coming at us in space, but the Lord does. I don't know when the time of Jacob's trouble will start, but the Lord does. I don't know when the escape from all will happen, but the Lord does.

I have had one solution for every problem in my life, bring in my God to help me. That has worked for decades, it will continue to work in the future. "What" I'm asking for is in my court, that is, I get to ask for what I need. How and when the answer comes, and in what form it comes is the Lord's.

I believe that the Lord has told me to hang on an be patient as people are losing control in this world. I believe He has told me the end is near and we just have to hang on and be patient. I believe whatever this is we are feeling, this "not good" but not sick really feeling is something people will have to deal with throughout the tribulation and we are getting a preview of it now. This not well feeling will make it very difficult for anyone to find relief/pleasantness of mind anywhere at any time and thats part of the plan.

Imagine what it would be like to live like you had the flu for 7 years. Not much makes you feel good except sleep and even that will be difficult to find.

The challenges that will be present during the time of tribulation are showing up now. I do not think it is possible even with the Word in Revelation for us to wrap our minds around how bad things are about to get. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of an angry God.

All this brings me to the solution that I believe we have before us. Draw closer to our ark of safety which is Jesus Christ. After Noah built the ark you can bet he didn't take any road trips with the family. He stayed planted within arms reach of that ark at all times. So it is with us. All around us it appears to be raining events that point to an imminent flood. This time it wont be a flood of water, it will be a flood of events described in Revelation 6.

Stay in the Word, and pray. Be patient. The same Lord who has provided for us up through this very day will continue to do so in these trying days ahead. These are the thoughts this writer is impressed with today.

grace and peace