Sunday, February 05, 2012

2 More M6+ Quakes Today

Both are around Vanuatu

When you look at this quake map like I have been doing daily, you will notice general changes to what is happening with the quakes. Over the past week or so I have noticed a general strengthening of all the quakes on the map. Not one or two quakes getting stronger, it looks like all of them increasing in intensity.

M6 quakes popping off on a daily basis is not 'business as usual.' These are strong quakes and they are evidence of the approach of some kind of celestial destroyer. We dont have to get hung up on names because what we call this thing does not matter one iota. What matters is the evidence we are seeing all around us for its existence day in and day out.

The Lord told us to look up. Redemption and destruction are coming from that direction....up.

Read the bible for yourselves. How many references do you see for the signs in the heavens, stars, the sun, the moon etc? They are too many to count. While the propaganda press and its masters do their best to distract you, the real show is going on above our heads.

Theres a reason the super rich built a doomsday seed bunker in the cliffs of Norway. There's a reason the powers that be have run the economy into the ground at this point in history. Theres a reason for the mass animal kills, volcano activity, earthquake activity and people in general losing their minds to a great degree everyday.

Every Word written in the Bible is true and what was foretold to happen is happening. The Lord is a refuge from the coming storm. There is an escape available for those found worthy of it. Let us pray for each other, our families and ourselves that we may be counted worthy of the escape from all (luke 21:36) that is most certainly coming. Let us keep the word of the Lord's patience (Rev 3:10).

What we are seeing around us now is not fantasy, it is real tangible evidence that all is not well. The liars and thieves who rule this world cannot bribe the heavens and the earth to prevent what is coming. They cannot hide what is happening. The best they can do is distract you for as long as possible to keep your eyes off what really matters.

The signs of the times tell us to get right and stay right with the Lord Jesus Christ. The signs tell us to do it now, tomorrow may be too late.

Keep the faith, grace and peace