Saturday, February 04, 2012

M6 Earthquake-Phillipines

22 minutes ago, a M6 earthquake hit the phillipines. M6 is the reporting threshold for writing here. A M6 earthquake is major and we're having them regularly now. Over the next 30-60 days this brother will be watching for at least one M8-M9 quake that will confirm without a shadow of a doubt that we have an incoming heavenly destroyer.

Assuming that we do see our destructive confirmation we still will not know the date of the rapture. For some reason I believe the Lord has me on high alert through the end of March. The only reason I can put my finger on outside of everything else thats been ongoing for years is this pattern of quakes but even that makes a sketchy 'why.'

What am I doing to prepare for the Lord's return? More bible reading, more prayer. More focus on internal preparation so that I may be perfect for Him when He arrives. I pray that you will do the same. I am as flawed a person as any of you out there. We all should commit to this preparation but not just for 60 days. It feels like we are on the home-run stretch now, least it does to me.

Lets commit together to make pockets of time throughout our day to acknowledge out God and honor Him. The muslims get their prayer rugs out constantly to honor their god, why should our Lord get less worship then the muslim's god? Our Lord deserves the very best that each of us can offer.

I want to encourage you to make a commitment right now to set aside extra time (5-10 min?) as often as you can each day to be alone with the Lord. Thank Him, praise Him, worship Him and ask Him if there is anything else in your life that needs to be cleaned up before He arrives.

We may see 60 days pass uneventfully, or the rapture may occur and the tribulation starts, we just dont know but we can be ready.

grace and peace