Thursday, February 02, 2012

M7.1 Quake Today

Welcome to February and we started it out with a bang: 7.1 VERY large quake-Vanuatu (north of NZ and east of Autstralia)

We had a 7.3 just a few weeks ago now another 7+. What I would call this is "evidence." Evidence of what? Evidence of an inbound destroyer. What is the destroyer? I don't know, planet x? Nibiru? Black sun? Wormwood? Brown dwarf? Black dwarf? Does it really matter? Really, if whatever it is makes it to our doorstep, and it turns the world into a giant washing machine thats on spin cycle are you really going to care "what" it is? No. People should care about what its doing, that is the effects on the earth, but what we call it matters little.

Before we started the year it was written here that we would be looking for this evidence and its arriving on schedule. This is what we call a repeated pattern which is what we can also call evidence for the arrival of something that will not be pleasant for this world.

Do not take my word for anything, look to the evidence. Read the book of Revelation and see for yourselves the heavenly signs and wonders described there. We were told to look up when all these things begin to happen. The Lord himself told us there would be great signs in the heavens. Todays world is so spiritually dull that they pick up on nothing. It would take a frying pan to the face to get most peoples attention these days.

Remember comet lovejoy? That comet defied every so called fact scientists today thought they knew about comets. what comet dives into the sun and comes out on the other side flying brighter and faster than it did when it went in? Think thats a sign? You bet it is. Are people picking up on it? Not a chance.

These earthquakes are increasing in frequency and intensity. A Magnitude 7 plus earthquake is a major major quake, just ask the people of Haiti what one feels like. If history is any guide, and it appears to be so far, then the biggest quake of this year lies just ahead of us sometime late this month or next month. We'll see what happens.

Whats the point of writing any of this? The signs are all around us, we need to be ready for the Lord's return.

grace and peace