Sunday, February 26, 2012

6.8 Earthquake Siberia

I couldn't find this reported on the USGS site so here's the Russian report:

2 days from now marks the anniversary of the 8.8 magnitude Chile quake. March 11 which is quickly approaching marks the anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake in Japan. We are entering the same window now.

What do these earthquakes have to do with Christianity? Read the book of Revelation and see that the Lord uses LARGE earthquakes to get man's attention during the tribulation week. Would you call 8.8 and 9.0 earthquakes large? I would. Should we perhaps be paying attention to the Lord's call in this season?

I am seeing a nexus of multiple threat streams pointing to this spring. This writer has had his attention draw to what is happening "up" above our heads. What is causing these earthquakes, and more importantly why are we seeing them now? Over the past few years my attention has been drawn to the shortness of time. We have seen prophetic feast days come and go without the Lord's return. Does that mean we stop watching? Far from it.

Why does the Lord use earthquakes to get our attention? Can you think of anything we take more for granted than the ground be firm beneath our feet? When the ground below us is no longer firm, it instantly brings to mind our mortality and the need to think beyond ourselves. We find ourselves needing to think beyond ourselves now.

The mega-earthquake last year and the year before has this writer looking at this spring as a season in time that we should pay attention to. Could the Lord return for us this spring? Yes. That's not a prediction its a possibility. Over the past 6 months or so, things have become weird. I can feel it physically, spiritually and emotionally in a way that I never have before. Warnings that the Lord could return at any moment abound.

It is my belief that we should be watching for the Lord's return any day now. It is my inner sense that the state of our environment could not be screaming any louder that the Lord's return for His Bride is imminent. I do not know the day or hour of our Lord's return but if I have any spiritual sensitivity to the Lord's Spirit I would say that we are in the season of His return now.

Everything within me tells me to circle this spring on the calendar. What's going to happen? I cannot be sure, but a mega-earthquake seems to be a real possibility. What if nothing happens? We continue to watch and pray in readiness. The wise virgins of Matt 25 were prepared to wait. One of the clever traps set for us is to wear us our over time as seasons pass without the Lord's return. All the signs tell us to be looking up and prepared to meet the Lord. When He tarries, we must be good soldiers and press on.

It has been written here over and over again that we must be ready to leave any moment and we must be ready to press on indefinitely. That is not an easy task. The bible does not tell us that getting into heaven would be easy. Many are called few are chosen. Broad is the path that leads to destruction and there are many on it, but narrow is the path that leads to life and few find it (Matt 7:14). Does that mean we should fear? No. It means we should be ready.

We should have the fear of the Lord within us. We should take the Lord's warnings very seriously. When the Lord tells us to pray that we are counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen-luke 21:36-we should take that seriously. Worthy? Yes. Pray to be counted worthy? Yes. Do many discount and disregard that command? Yes. Is that wise? No.

I re-looked at Luke 21:36 in the lexicon recently and here is what I found:

the term "worthy" in the KJV is literally:

κατισχύω- katischuó-which means I prevail against, overpower, get the upper hand. This is an almost military type word that in context fits perfectly as a victory in combat. To prevail in combat, to overpower in a struggle.

To put this in context what we read in luke 21 is that we should pray to overpower to escape/flee away from all that is about to happen.

My take on that is this: we are in spiritual combat. Does any believer really doubt this? We do not wage war as the world does, our weapons are spiritual not carnal. We wage war against all the deception, a disinformation and scoffing of our age. "Where is the coming He promised" they ask...

Rev 3:10 tells us that those who keep the Word of His patience will be kept from the temptation/trial that will take all the earth like a snare. Patience...but what happens when His coming is right at the door?

We must be ready to leave immediately and ready to wait. Obama could be the anti-christ in waiting. The pope could be replaced this year with the false prophet. War and rumors of wars abound. Death stalks the land by way of famine and nuclear radiation, chemtrails, BP oil spills etc. The animals can no longer find their way in the world, dolphins are washing up on beaches by the hundreds and dieing. Birds are acting very strange, face planting into the ground. Arctic owls and seals are coming south which is unheard of. Winter has been like spring in many parts of the world. Volcanoes are going active all over.

The weather patterns are affecting crop yields. Everything around us points to the fulfillment of every event listed in the book of Revelation.

The pieces are in place now. I am adding my voice to the warnings pointing to some kind of major event occurring this spring 2012. As a caveat to this I would also caution patience. We must not lose our patience as we watch the days pass. The words you read here are written by the least of the brothers in Christ Jesus so take them for what they are.

If history and probability are a guide, nothing out of the ordinary will happen this spring or the rest of this year. We however, are watching for a low probability (on any given day), high impact event that is certain to happen some day.

The earthquakes and the rest of the signs around us are a warning. The Word of the Lord told us what is going to happen. What is the Lord saying to us today? Read the messages to the churches in Rev 1-3. Repent! Perfect holiness. Prepare yourself as a holy Bride for the King of Kings. Remove any love for the world. Remember Lot's wife. When it was time to leave Sodom, she looked back. She still had an internal stake in what was happening in the world.

Read the Word of God daily and pray always. Please pray with me right now, for all the brothers, for our families, and ourselves, that we may prevail/overpower/be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen so we may stand before the Son of man. Pray that our sins are forgiven today and we may not be lead into temptation. Pray that we may all finish the race strong, not barely make it over the finish line.

It is the end of February. We shall see what March and April bring. Keep the faith, pray for all the brothers. Grace and peace