Sunday, July 01, 2012

Violent Wind Storm, No Warning

The past two days saw a violent wind storm rip through many states of the U.S. causing death, untold amounts of damage and ongoing misery.  Millions of people are still without power days after the storm.

What I wanted to bring to your attention was this:  no warning.  Nobody predicted this storm was coming.  There was ZERO heads up, the storm just showed up and caused destruction.  I know the weather sites did not warn us because I checked them multiple times on Friday to see if we were really going to have to endure 100+ degree heat on a day when I had outdoor plans.

We have seen this mega storm strike with no warning, combined with record setting triple digit heat across 25 or more states, combined with ALL of the solar satellites being down at the same time.

What the deniers would have us believe is "oh its hot, this is summer it happens all the time."  Their problem is when records are being broken, it is self evident that this does NOT happen all the time. All time records seldom break during 'normal' times.

We know a destroyer is inbound to the earth right now.  We have evidence all around us that the earth is reacting violently to the presence of this destroyer.  Look around you.

The Lord tells us in His Word that sudden destruction is coming to this earth.  There will be no warning, that's the nature of 'sudden' destruction.  We just had a sudden destruction event with millions of people suffering from it.  I wonder, what will they learn?  What do we learn from this?
What we are seeing is no ordinary event.  We are being warned with events like this no warning event that struck the U.S. this weekend.

The Lord is not slack in fulfilling His promises.  The world is being warned right now through events such as this multi-state wind storm that came out of nowhere and caused massive destruction.  In many parts of the country tornado sirens were going off.  My backyard looked like a war zone.  The roof of the house we live in has a wood spear sticking through the roof all the way into our bathroom like someone threw a javelin at our roof.

This event is anything but ordinary.  We must wake up.  This event was a warning of what is to come.  If you can get a generator and have extra fuel food and water it would be wise.  We do not know how many more warning shots we will live through here on earth before the escape but we do know we lived through this one.  All thanks and praise be to the Lord how showed great mercy and kindness to this writer and his family during this storm in many different ways I will not write about here.

There are more events coming just like what the U.S. has just experienced.  Don't forget the raging wildfires all over the country, that's another warning.

Let us learn from events like this.  We must count on the Lord to provide and protect us and we must do the little we can do to do what we can with our little strength toward these ends.

All glory and honor be to the Lord our God forever and ever.  May the grace and peace of God our  Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.