Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another MASSIVE Earthquake, 7.9 of the coast of Costa Rica

Things are getting really really real folks.  This is massive quake number 2 in one week with daily 6.0 or greater quakes in between.  It appears that events are accelerating.  If these quakes continue the frequency and intensity pattern that we have been on for the last 30 days then we should expect catastrophic events to take place soon.  I am not predicting anything, I am watching and analyzing the objective evidence set before us.

A large quake post was made this morning before this 7.9 monster struck.  Was it really a 7.9?  Lets just call it an 8.0 to undo the data shaving the world governments are performing on these quake numbers.  By anyone's measure this was a monster earthquake.

To give you an idea where we are just look at the headlines from this blog over the past 14 days or so:

Another MASSIVE Earthquake, 7.9 of the coast of Co… 5-Sep
M6.3 Quake-Santa Cruz Islands 5-Sep
Another Large Earthquake Today: Indonesia Magnitude 6.6 3-Sep
Massive 7.9 Earthquake Phillipines 31-Aug
Another Large Quake Rocks the Earth: Magnitude 7.0-Greenland 30-Aug
Massive Earthquake Off El Salvador-Magnitude 7.3 27-Aug
They Just Keep Coming M6.6 Indonesia 18-Aug

We have had a MAGNITUDE 7 earthquake almost EVERY DAY over the past 8 days....

Notice how we have heard nothing from cnn, msn, faux news etc.  Keep the people in the dark until the last second is what they plan to do.

These large quakes are stacked on top of each other.  We had twin 7.9 (8.0 or greater probably) over the past 6 days and not a whisper from the 'news' media or the government.

Things are getting real and they are going so incredibly fast.  Be ready.  For what?  For the Lord to arrive, and to deal with a world turning upside down should He tarry much longer.  Have food, water, emergency supplies etc to deal with short term disruptions to the logistics network in your part of the world wherever that is.

The Lord always provides.  He will always do His part, he expects us to do ours.  Short term preparations is well within what I believe we are expected to do.  Rice is cheap.  Dried beans are cheap.  Water storage in old 2 liter plastic bottles is cheap.  If you are reading this you have the means to do minimal things like have some of these things set aside.

You will not be warned by the media or your government.  The signs and signals of this past week have been extraordinary.  Get ready immediately, please.

May the grace and peace of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all.