Friday, February 08, 2013

M6.9 and M7.0 Santa Cruz Islands



The quakes are coming like a train now.  We haven't even made it to prime time yet.

I have to wonder what this spring has in store.  The Lord has a day in store for all the proud and arrogant.  "They" are prepping for that day.  If you are wondering what DHS needs 2 BILLION rounds of ammunition for (they just ordered more), its that day.  There will be no warning when it arrives.

The lesson for us in all of this is to be ready in season and out of season because we do not know the day or hour of our Lord's arrival.  Yes, He can show up whenever and wherever He chooses to without the approval of the 'pre-wrath' and 'post-trib' teachers and preachers.  We know in the rapture the Lord descends to the clouds and calls up those belonging to Him.  We also know there is the 'second coming' where the Lord comes to earth and plants His feet on the mount of olives.  We also know there is an escape from all in Luke 21:36.  We also know there is something that will happen to 'keep' believers from the hour of trial thats going to come upon all those living on the earth (Rev 3:10).  How do we know that Luke 21:36 escape is the same as the 'being kept' event in Rev 3:10?  How do we know that either of those is = the rapture?  What am I saying?  The Lord could come back during the rapture (1), during the escape from all (2), to "keep" believers from the hour of trial (3), and the second coming (4) and those are just the obvious places He could come back for us.

Does the Lord have to tell us at all when He is coming back to show up at our door?  No, He does not.  In fact, does the Bridegroom give the Bride any warning of His approach on the night He comes for her?  No, He just shows up and she has to be ready.

What's the point?  The pre-wrath and post-trib crowd have painted the Lord into a box when they tell us "He can't come back yet because of x,y, and z."  They will be put to shame if He arrives and they are not ready to meet Him.  Can they possibly be ready when they actively teach others not to watch and be ready for His imminent arrival?

The other tribbers accuse us of not being ready for the tribulation and I accuse them of not being ready for the Lord's return for the Bride.  The Lord NEVER TOLD US to "be ready" for the tribulation, so we are off the hook.  He did however emphatically and repeatedly warn us to be ready for His unannounced return.  Trying to prepare for the tribulation is like trying to prepare for a kick between the legs.  Go ahead and brace yourself if you want to but you will never really be ready for it.  We would be better served doing what the Lord did tell us to do instead of wearing ourselves out doing something He never asked us to do.

grace and peace