Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Magnitude 8-Major Earthquake Strikes South Pacific

link here and here.

A magnitude 8 earthquake is a biggie and its a tad early.  If we are getting quakes this large this early I wonder whats in store for the days ahead.  This quake and the mega-quakes to follow were expected and predicted last year.  Why?  The same things happen year after year.  Its the same pattern over and over again.  Question is, why?  Its not the sun, its not global warming, its not any of the other distractions given to us to explain what is happening to the earth.  It is the destroyer.  It is a destroyer and it is coming this way.

Dont take my word for it, look it up in the book of Revelation.  What do you read about in Rev 6,7,8 etc.?  Destruction from above?  You got it.  Its as if someone is trying to get our attention isnt it?  Its as if someone is drawing a big red circle around the spring and fall seasons and saying WATCH.  And (He) emphasizes it with earth shaking to get people's attention.

If we had an 8.0 in early February I can only imagine whats in store for the days ahead.  Let us be paying attention, watching and ready this spring.  The Lord is highlighting the seasons for a reason.

grace and peace