Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Giant Space Rock To Near Miss The Earth

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These space rocks just keep coming our way, day after day after day.  As it was posted in the previous article written on this blog, fireballs in the sky and near miss space rocks are a new daily occurrence.

It is with topics such as this that the media uses there isolated incident reporting method to keep people sound asleep.  The media reports these stories every time as isolated incidents.  When is the last time you heard someone on the news piecing together (doing the analysis) the stories to show the bigger picture?  You cant remember because it hasn't happened.  They do not put the bigger picture for you, you have to do that.

All of the sudden we find ourselves in a place in time where space rocks hitting and near missing the earth is a daily occurrence as opposed to not long ago when we did not read a single story about these rocks for months or years.  What changed?  The destroyer is making its close approach.  We cannot see it but we can see its effects.  Something is causing these space rocks to come our way and nobody asks what the cause is?  Revelation 8 shows us a series of earth impacts from celestial bodies, that is our proof positive that what we are seeing now is a precursor to what will happen in the not too distant future.

What happens before a baby is born?  Labor pains.  Isnt that what the Lord told us in the gospels about the time of the end?  We are warned by earthquakes and space rocks and economic turmoil.  We are warned by the entire world circling the drain of history but even today few are paying attention.  The Lord has warned us and is continuing to warn us of what is to come.  He told us in advance what is going to happen and He is sending objective evidence also called proof that it is coming.  He warns us because warning is a great act of mercy.  Clearly we are told to repent before it is too late.  We have been warned for years and years but many take this long time of warning to mean nothing will ever happen.  Even when we can draw a straight line right through current events straight into the heart of the  promises made by our Lord people still do not believe.

What would happen if a space rock 9 times the size of the QE2 cruise ship were to impact the earth?  Do you realize that they are saying the same thing now that they did when asteroid DA14 flew by the earth?  What did they tell us?  There is zero chance of the earth being hit.  What happened?  On the day the asteroid was nearest the earth Russia was kicked in the teeth with a 10,000 ton space rock impact.  What did 'they' say then?  It wasn't the asteroid.  What did the average Russian say?  Then what space rock was it that just kicked us in the teeth?  What's the lesson here?  When 'they' say not to worry, there is zero percent chance of being hit, then expect to be hit.  Am I saying the earth will be hit by 1998 QE2?  No, what I am saying is the experts have zero credibility and the last time they told us not to worry the earth was rocked by the impact of a massive space rock.

The 'experts' have debunked their own credibility.  The Lord could be assisting in the debunking of these 'experts.'  Our God specializes in making foolish the 'wisdom' of this world.

For it is written: "I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the
intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate.

The Lord uses the creation to destroy the creation.  Proof?  The flood of Noah's day.  Something has punched through the OORT cloud and has pushed and pulled space rocks like balls on a billiard table in untold number and they are heading our way every day.  A destroyer is on the way and the proof is in our skies daily for those who have eyes to see.

grace and peace