Thursday, May 23, 2013

M7.4 Tonga, and the Canary in the Economic Coal Mine: Japan

A very large quake just struck Tonga: a 7.4.  Is that a mega-quake?  Nope, its just one of many very large quakes that have hit within the quake pattern window established over a period of years.

What are these quakes?  Warnings.

Speaking of warnings, remember that 9.0 that struck Japan on 3/11/2011?  In light of information I have been made aware of recently I find that quake very interesting.  Its as if the Lord put a giant bullseye on Japan and said "watch here."  I read an analysis piece by someone I will not name that says Japan will be the trigger that sends all the rest of the economic dominoes falling.  I'll give you something to get you up to speed below.  This is an article written in 2010 that nails it:


Now, fast forward to today and what are we reading in the headlines?  Article.

and watch this video full of evidence.

The Japanese bond market appears to be the domino that will tell us the rest are about to fall.  I have no posted the analysis piece I read but the articles above provide you with more or less the same info.  When will these dominoes begin to fall?  Who knows.  The fact that Japan is in very serious trouble right now seems to indicate that the "the bad thing" thats about to happen is not far off.

The short version to all these articles is that without near zero percent interest rates the world economy would implode.  There is just too much debt.  A 1% rise on umpteen trillion dollars/yen whatever is alot of interest payment.  Its a cost Japan cannot afford, nor can America, Europe etc.

Why write this ^^.  A warning that if our houses are not in order they should be very soon.  Only the Lord knows how, what and when these things are going to happen.  The controlled demolition of the world economy is the event that lays the groundwork for the mark of the beast.  It appears that time is shorter than many think.

With these things said we must remember to be patient.  The Lord has kept 'business as usual' going this long, He can extend it as long as He sees fit.  We have to be ready for anything.

grace and peace