Monday, November 20, 2023

We Need to Pray for "Orange Man Bad"

 This guy just comes right out and outs himself as a Nazi, link here.  This is how they think and what they do.  Unfortunately for them, the orange man was sent by God Almighty to do the job he is doing which means "they" just have to deal with it.  If you havent put this together yet from the Bible, the Lord uses highly imperfect men and women to get things done here on earth.  An example is Cyrus from Persia who set Israel free from Babylon.  The guy was a pagan but so what the Lord used him to do work here on earth.

Same thing with orange man bad, he is being used to do work here on earth.  We who belong to our Father's kingdom need to pray for him.  We should also pray for the newly elected president of Argentina (another major globalist loss).  The far left globalist psychopaths are losing all over the place these days, thank you Jesus!  Prayer works, we must continue to pray because the psychopaths have more false flags in store for humanity, we pray the Lord God will stop them.

The Lord God used Cyrus to set Israel free from ancient Babylon, let us pray He uses orange man bad to set us free from modern Babylon.  Prayer works, lets stay down on our knees in prayer to take the globalist neonazi far left narcissistic psychopaths boot off the neck of humanity.

Glory to God

grace and peace