Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Devastating Blow to OSAS-Once Saved Always Saved

Revelation 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

Read that statement very carefully. That is a conditional statement. What does it say?

It says he who overcomes will be clothed in white rainment AND Jesus will not blot out his name from the book of life. Blot out your name from the book of life? Wait a minute, the OSAS crowd tells you that its impossible to have your name blotted out from the book of life...

Does Rev 3:5 say "he who 'makes a decision for Jesus' will be clothed in white and not have his name blotted out? NO, it says HE WHO OVERCOMES. Big, HUGE difference. He who overcomes will be clothed in white, NOT he who 'makes a decision for Jesus'.

This is one of many places in the bible where a clear line has been drawn. Does "overcoming" mean the same thing as "making a decision for Jesus" one day, then the rest of your life does'nt matter what you do?

I highly suggest you figure out what overcoming means.

Overcome \O`ver*come"\, v. t. [imp. Overcame; p. p. Overcome; p. pr & vb. n. Overcoming.] [AS. ofercuman. See Over, Come, and cf. Supervene.] 1. To get the better of; to surmount; to conquer; to subdue; as, to overcome enemies in battle. This wretched woman overcome Of anguish, rather than of crime, hath been. --Spenser. 2. To overflow; to surcharge. [Obs.] --J. Philips. 3. To come or pass over; to spreads over. [Obs.] And overcome us like a summer's cloud. --Shak. Syn: To conquer; subdue; vanquish; overpower; overthrow; overturn; defeat; crush; overbear; overwhelm; prostrate; beat; surmount. See Conquer.

Does that ^^^^^ sound anything like "make a decision for Jesus?"

Sounds like WAR to me, sounds like soldiering. How you you overcome enemies in battle? Do you just decide "i'm making a decision" to overcome my enemy, then the WAR is over? Do you see how ridiculous that argument is? Making a decision MEANS NOTHING without follow through. Faith without WORKS is dead. Do you obtain salvation through works? No, by grace THROUGH FAITH. Osas teachers will tell you that even FAITH is not necessary. Does the bible read: You are saved by Grace through ______?(blank) No, it reads THROUGH FAITH. If I tell you that you are going to take a trip, and the ONLY WAY from point A to point B is THROUGH A TUNNEL, and that tunnel is removed, can you still get to point B? NO, you can't.

Jesus tells you that if you overcome, your name wont be blotted out from the book of life. This begs the question: WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON'T OVERCOME? Do I really need to answer that for you? Jesus is talking about BLOTTING OUT NAMES FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE! If it were not possible, why would he mention it? WAKE UP

grace and peace