Friday, October 24, 2008

Most Blessed Nation or Most Cursed

Theres no question that the United States has enjoyed INCREDIBLE material prosperity. If you ever get to travel outside this country, or even study other countries like Russia, you'll see how the US stands out. The question is, with all that material prosperity what has the US done with it? Prosperity tends to make people FORGET about their Creator. Once things are going well they fall into human complacency and act as if they are the masters of their prosperity. Here's my question: if a man lives in a country like the US, with incredible material wealth, and that man falls into complacency and forgets about the Lord, then he dies in his sins, how 'blessed' was he really? On the other hand, if a man lives poor in material wealth, and lives his life crying out to God for justice and help, and that man dies 'in Christ' was he "blessed." Which man was more blessed?

The 60,70 or 80 years that people live here on earth are NOTHING compared to the vastness of eternity. This is a point that most atheists don't 'get.' They look at earthly suffering as if it were something. What about all the earthly suffering they say....what about it? If I suffer for 80 years, then spend the next 9,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999++++ years in paradise, WHAT WILL IT MATTER? People forget about their Creator when times are good, thats a fact. Not all people, but most do. How can I say that? Read Matt 7:14 again. Right now, things are still good for some people, but for more and more people each day, things are deteriorating. Is that a blessing? It depends on whether it leads and keeps a person 'in Christ' or not. If the Lord loves you, He WILL JERK YOUR CHAIN by doing whatever he needs to do to get your attention. I think in many ways, all the 'bad news' we see these days is a BLESSING. Its a blessing as far as it brings people into Christ and KEEPS THEM THERE.

There are liars in the world who say things like:

Thank God that we have a choice in where we will spend eternity. Once we are born from above, we’ve said yes to Jesus, we no longer have a choice. Our choice has been made in favor of God and His Kingdom. We can’t even back out of that choice once we’ve made it, and who would want to? We are held in God’s hands; He keeps us and sanctifies us, never to be lost again. You see, God doesn’t wish that any should parish but that all should come to repentance. Once we’ve done that He isn’t at all inclined to see us go back the other way.

This guy says "We can’t even back out of that choice once we’ve made it" PLEASE SHOW ME THAT IN THE BIBLE. I just showed you yesterday that your name CAN BE BLOTTED OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE, if thats not losing your salvation then I don't know what is. Really, how much clearer could it be? In the book of life=saved. Blotted out from the book of life=not saved. If Jesus blots your name out from the book of life then obviously YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE to turn away from the Son of God. Jesus would not blot your name out because he was having a 'bad day' so it must be something YOU DID. Something like NOT OVERCOMING.

Revelation 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.

Revelation 2:26 And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations

Hmmm, I wonder what happens to the people who DONT OVERCOME and DO NOT KEEP HIS WORKS TO THE END? Do not be deceived by the OSAS lies, Rev 3:5 does'nt SAY ANYTHING about losing "rewards" it CLEARLY TALKS ABOUT BLOTTING NAMES OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE, that is SALVATION. In this case he says he WILL NOT blot our your name IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF you Overcome. OSAS teachers need to learn what the word IF means. They clearly do not understand its function in the english, greek or hebrew languages. It is a CONDITIONAL word, nobody argues that until bibles open, then all the sudden IF isn't a CONDITIONAL word anymore? WAKE UP

The man who is the most blessed, is the one who KEEPS HIS (JESUS) WORKS TILL THE END. Not one who 'makes a decision' one day. The man who is blessed is the one who OVERCOMES...not one day, but OVERCOMES to come out victorious IN THE END. The blessed man is the one who REMAINS IN CHRIST....TILL THE END. Why does Jesus use the words IF, and TILL THE END, and PATIENCE, and REMAIN IN ME, and FEAR OF THE LORD, are all those words in the bible just nonsense, or are those words in there to GET YOUR ATTENTION. Paul talks about running a race. Only those who run the race AND FINISH get a reward. EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD KNOWS THAT. You get a prize for FINISHING, you win a war by fighting battles TILL THE END, not winning one battle and calling it quits.

OSAS and its offshoots like universal salvation will send more souls to hell than any other doctrine I've seen in my entire life. The Lord lovingly draws us to him with his grace, and he pushes us with a boot on the rear end with the FEAR OF THE LORD. He pulls AND pushes us to reach the same destination: HEAVEN. Ultimately though, many decide that the world is just too attractive. If OSAS were true then Matt 7:14 is not true. If all it took to get into heaven was make a sincere 1 minute prayer AND THATS IT, then there would be MANY people in heaven, as opposed to FEW-MAtt 7:14. If all it took was a 1 min. prayer then Matt 7:21 would not have been written either. MANY will say to him on that day..LORD LORD. Not some, not a few, MANY, and they DO NOT GET IN.

Why do I write this? TO SAVE PEOPLE FROM THE FLAMES. Laugh if you want to, mock if you want to. The days of laughing and mocking are coming to an end. The days of HIDING IN THE ROCKS AND MOURNING fast approach. DEATH AND HELL are riding their horses right into the worlds lap. I can hear them ride even now. Whatever it takes to get right and stay right with Jesus is what you need to do. If I sound like a broken record, saying the same things over and over again, read your bibles and see the same message OVER AND OVER AGAIN. REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND. From then till now, the message has not changed. Time is short.

grace and peace