Thursday, October 09, 2008

The World as You Knew It

The world as you knew it is gone forever. The first shock to that old world was 9/11. The second major shock is happening now. If you watch the news, they are trying desperately to find some good news to report and they are having a hard time finding it. Many people are digging holes in the sand and jamming their heads in, they do not want to hear any more bad news. Guess what? Bad news is all thats coming. The things that are coming on the world are only bad news to those who are of this world. A person who has all their hopes here should be upset. Read the news, some guy in California just shot his entire family then himself because of finances. Things are not going to get any better, there is no going back. You WILL NEVER see the world you used to know ever again. Can a woman who is delivering a baby go into reverse delivery? No, she can't. She either delivers the baby or dies trying. Thats where we are. We are seeing the birth of the new world order, satans world order.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and spent some time with the Lord. Although I am not a prophet, I found a prophet who tells us whats happening:

Isaiah 10 >>For this cause it will be that, when the purpose of the Lord against Mount Zion and Jerusalem is complete, I will send punishment on the pride of the heart of the king of Assyria, and on the glory of his uplifted eyes.
13 For he has said, By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my knowledge, for I am wise: and I have taken away the limits of the peoples' lands, and the stores of their wealth have become mine; and I have made towns low in the dust, sending destruction on those living in them;
14 And I have put my hands on the wealth of the peoples, as on the place where a bird has put her eggs; and as a man may take the eggs from which a bird has gone, so I have taken all the earth for myself: and not a wing was moved, and not a mouth gave out a sound.

The king of Assyria (satan) is taking the wealth of all the nations for himself here, he is removing nations boundaries. Sounds exactly like whats happening TODAY.

Here's more on whats about to happen:

And I will send punishment on the world for its evil, and on the sinners for their wrongdoing; and I will put an end to all pride, and will make low the power of the cruel.
12 I will make men so small in number, that a man will be harder to get than gold, even the best gold of Ophir.
13 For this cause the heavens will be shaking, and the earth will be moved out of its place, in the wrath of the Lord of armies, and in the day of his burning passion.
14 And it will be that, like a roe in flight, and like wandering sheep, they will go every man to his people and to his land.
15 Everyone who is overtaken will have a spear put through him, and everyone who goes in flight will be put to the sword.
16 Their young children will be broken up before their eyes; their goods will be taken away, and their wives made the property of others.

Whats coming? DEATH. The time of punishment is almost upon this world. The pouring out of our God's wrath is almost upon this world. When you see the thieves and liars like paulson and bernanke stealing from you on behalf of their master satan, laugh at them. They are laughing right now, at you. The largest consolidation of wealth in this worlds history is going on right before our eyes. They better laugh now, because very very soon, all their laughing will be over. They will be hiding in the rocks from the wrath of our God. Theres coming a day when things will be set right. The fatherless and the widow will have justice done for them instead of being robbed. If you are not SICKENED by whats going on in this world, all the injustice and evil around us, then you might want to check yourself. Why do we want our Fathers kingdom to come and his will to be done? Look around you, this world is sickening, thats why.

The creator of all things has given men THOUSANDS OF YEARS to show what they can do with the earth. Most of humanity decided it would be a great idea to kick the true God out, embrace satan as god (through false gods), and elevate themselves to godhood. Well, we're seeing how that story ends. All we see is evil and oppresion everywhere. This place is sickening. Congratulations mankind, GREAT JOB. At the end of all this, Jesus is going to set things aright. Of the increase of his government THERE WILL BE NO END. Thank God. Have you had enough yet? Men are NOT the answer to this worlds problems. Jesus Christ, the Son of the living GOD is the everything. Thankfully we dont have much longer to wait. We are now seeing the final slide, the final corner turned on this worlds history.

None of us really knew how the beginning of the end was going to look, but we know now, a financial meltdown. Read this:

There are lots of other articles you can read about the derivative mess thats about to blow up. We've had messes before, but none of them was like this. There has been apostasy in the past, but theres never been apostasy like this. There is no way to turn back the clock, theres no way back to yesterday. Today men have two choices. They can either 1. look to other men for answers or 2. look to the Creator for answers. I saw in the news where a group of 'pastors' went to capitol hill to pray for american economic recovery. How utterly clueless these men are. They did'nt pray for repentance, they did'nt pray for broken hearts, they did'nt ask for an end to apostasy and spiritual whoredom, they prayed for money. Utterly SICKENING. Seek first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added to you. The Lord knows what you need and when you need it. I don't know, HE DOES. He comes first.

Whats the bottom line? TIME IS SHORT. There is no way to back track from here. Be watching and ready for THE ESCAPE (Luke 21:36). Pray that you may be counted worthy of it, most will not. grace and peace