Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Beast's Mouth

I was thinking about how clueless the leaders of churchianity are. They tell you to get out and vote, but why? They tell you to vote because THEY BELIEVE IN THE WORLD SYSTEM. Their FAITH is in this world's system. When you vote, NOTHING changes, it does'nt matter who gets in, they get richer, you get poorer. What you are really doing when you vote is casting a vote of CONFIDENCE IN THE WORLD SYSTEM. When you 'get out and vote' you are telling all the world around you that you 1. have confidence in the world system 2. you are looking to this world system for "change."

The men who tell you to vote are faithless, they are wordly with a capital W. They speak like the world, they act like the world, I guess they are OF THIS WORLD. We brothers...ARE NOT. I have NO CONFIDENCE in this world system to do ANYTHING good. People having been 'getting out to vote' for years now and look at this world..LOOK AT IT. This place is going to be a heap of ruins soon, and your clueless 'pastors' still tell you to throw in your lot with the world. How utterly sickening.

I'm looking for change alright. If men could bring the kind of change required for this world, there would be no need for Jesus to set his feet again on the mount of olives and rip the cords of government away from EVERY MAN and take them for himself. Jesus is coming, and he is bringing HIS GOVERNMENT WITH HIM. You want 'change you can believe in?' Save your vote and start praying "THY KINGDOM COME LORD."

The entire history of mankind has been one screwup leading to another to the point where now the 'powers that be' are about to destroy the entire world. This place is falling apart, can't you see it? MEN got you here, and you're still voting? The bible says NOTHING about you voting. The bible says 1. THE LORD DIRECTS KINGS HEARTS and 2. PRAY FOR THOSE IN AUTHORITY..............that's it, PRAY, unless you are faithless like all the so called leaders of babylonianity. Prayer moves mountains, prayer unleashes the power of heaven. You, on your own can do NOTHING, or close to it, your PRAYER however...CAN ACCOMPLISH MIGHTY THINGS.

Here's a word for todays so called leaders of apostate churchianity:

Jeremiah 2
19 Instruct thee doth thy wickedness, And thy backslidings reprove thee, Know and see that an evil and a bitter thing Is thy forsaking Jehovah thy God, And My fear not being on thee, An affirmation of the Lord Jehovah of Hosts.
20 For from of old thou hast broken thy yoke, Drawn away thy bands, and sayest, 'I do not serve,' For, on every high height, and under every green tree, Thou art wandering -- a harlot.

These men are instructed BY THEIR WICKEDNESS. The prod each other on as if they are doing a 'good' thing. They have forsake the Lord and they lie naked in bed with the world..ever the harlot. There is a price for playing the harlot. Todays so called leaders have given themselves over to this world, body soul and spirit. They want change, and they are going to get it. Unfortunately for them, they are going to find out when its too late that playing the harlot is sin, and the wages of sin are DEATH.

The beast system has come above ground and it sits with its mouth WIDE OPEN as the world walks casually into it. Todays so called christians say vote for the devils son thats against abortion and homosexuality. Meanwhile, so called christianities other poster child, George W Bush has taken some great strides against homosexuality and abortion right? NOT. If anything, homosexuality and abortion has picked up steam over the past 8 years, and George W-the so called 'christian' choice made it happen. So called evangelicals were the KEY to getting George Bush elected and THAT MANS 8 YEARS AS PRESIDENT DID MORE TO FURTHER THE SATANIC NEW WORLD ORDER THAN ANY MAN IN HISTORY. Congratulations so called christianity...GREAT CALL.

This worlds problems will be solved in time, by the Son of God. Coming soon to a town near you will be widespread DEATH. The opening salvo of the tribulation sees over 2 BILLION people dying. Those are souls committed eternally to either heaven or hell, and all so called christianity can tell you is 'get out and vote?' The tribulation is at our doorstep, I don't know if thats 1 day or 1 month away, it does'nt matter, its close. Billions of people are going to die, the bible says it (Rev 6) and the leaders of this world are planning for it. The people who are in charge today have a plan for no more than 500 million people to be left on this earth. That's something like a 90% population reduction. Look up the "georgia guidestones" for details.

Time is short and all so called christianity can do is tell you to get out and get one of satan's sons into office. When...WHEN did Jesus EVER advocate 'choosing the lesser of evils?' People say that all the time now, "we have to choose the lesser evil" SAYS WHO? I vote for Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God EVERY DAY. I have NO CONFIDENCE...ZERO in this world or its leaders. I am not of this world, I am a stranger here, why should I get involved in this world's screwed up system. It's not up to us to fix this screwed up world, its up to us to pray THY KINGDOM COME, to be led by our Father's Spirit, to do good where and when we can. It's our job to LOVE the homosexual but HATE their sin, to LOVE the abortion doctor, but HATE his sin. If you want to live a quiet and peaceful life, PRAY FOR THOSE IN AUTHORITY, thats the extent of your 'political' duty.

I believe that prayer WORKS. I have proof of it...MY LIFE. This world needs true believers who are HUMBLE, who will repent and PRAY for Jesus to hurry up and bring his government to this world. If you sow a vote into this world, you will reap something from this world. We've seen how that has turned out over and over and over again.

grace and peace