Monday, January 26, 2009

America is Babylon

For those who have eyes to see, the writing is "on the wall" that America is modern Babylon prophesied about in the bible more times than I care to count this morning. It makes perfect sense that the babylonian form of "christianity" we see in America today would fight tooth and nail against any such identification.

I read this morning that a popular 'christian' website predicts that America's real downfall will be the rapture of the "many" christians who live here. This disappearance and the distruption it causes is why America isn't mentioned in end times scriptures. Once again, we are looking at unfettered denial. In order to "pin the rose" on end time babylon, a number of different criteria have to be met. I have counted over one hundred individual characteristics that end time babylon needs to have to make the shoe fit, and America is the only nation in the history of the world that "fits." Just a few clues are all the pagan monuments and symbols that characterize this nation. Look no further than Washington DC and a one dollar bill for enough pagan/Egyptian symbols to fill up a museum. Do some research on "Lady Liberty" in New York harbor to look behind the smokescreen of how America does fit, and is prominent in the end times scenario laid out in the bible.

I'm no advocate of Islam, but do you ever wonder why extremely conservative men in the middle east don't want western influence there? The minute America and her allies get control of a country, brittany spears type sex dripping "entertainment" immediately floods the whole society. Is that something a "godly" nation does? Flood other countries with filth? Nobody in the world exports more porn than America does..makes alot of sense when you understand that America is modern day Babylon. We are unmatched militarily, we are a very young nation, recently born among the nations of the world and now we are unmatched among the nations. The world government headquarters is located in the seat of world commerce (NYC).

I could go on and on but I won't, if you want more evidence, it's out there for your taking. What happens to Babylon? She is harshly judged by fire. As commented on previously, Satan's game is misdirection. Todays babylonian form of churchianity tells you that America is nowhere to be found in scripture, when the truth is we are plastered all over the pages of the bible. The priests and teachers of babylon tell you we are a "christian nation" and that so many "good people" in America will be raptured that we won't be worth mentioning in the coming days. More misdirection to keep you looking everywhere else but here, now, us. The problems are always over the fence somewhere, anywhere but here. The "sinners" are always somewhere else, not here among us. There are "religious people" who "don't get it" everywhere, but those people are never under the same roof as the one you are hearing the message under.

Another alias for the anti-christ is the "King of Babylon." Well, if we are living in Babylon, that would make our president the "king" would'nt it? I won't go so far as to say Obama is the one yet, but the shoe is looking like a fit as more and more "coincidences" surround that man. Living in Babylon would explain the wide spread apostasy and filth we see everywhere. It explains why its so difficult to be a real christian who is separated from the prostitute. For real believers, Jesus Christ alone has to be enough for us because he is all we have against a satanic society that worships mammon. But "only" having Christ is like saying "all I have is more than I'll ever need."

When the escape comes, it will certainly have a detrimental impact on the world. Even the tiniest light in a room can provide enough illumination to see the entire room. When the small lights are removed, everyone falls into complete darkness. The Lord won't take all the light from this world, he just changes out the bulbs. In Rev 7 we see 144,000 pure hearted Israelites who are unblemished from all the tribes of Israel. These people are sealed with the seal of God and serve during the tribulation hour. We also see an angel preaching the gospel to the entire world during the tribulation. Not men...angel....

Revelation 14:6 And I saw another angel flying in midheaven ...
... Then I saw another angel flying overhead with the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who live on earth-to every nation, tribe, language, and people.

So the word will get out even in the dark hours ahead of us.

There are those who say that the escape coming will not be out of this world, but we will just be "kept" somewhere on this earth. However, if the trial coming covers the entire earth, and we are to be kept from all of it, where would we go? We know the Jews will be kept immediately after the Abomination of Desolation, but the bible says nothing about the church be provisioned for on this earth. My point with this today though is I don't really care where the escape leads us. If the Lord is the one who enables it, the "where to" is his operation and since it will be an escape from "all" that's coming, I don't think we will be troubled when we arrive at the appointed escape destination. Rev 4 show us an open door in heaven and redeemed, rewarded men sitting around the throne of Christ. That appears to be a huge clue. Rev 2-3, Jesus has a heart to heart with the churches, Rev 4, door open in heaven and redeemed men sitting around the throne with crowns on..

We live in Babylon, we've got a king of Babylon figure now with anti-christ clues draped all over him, we see the entire world convulsing as if in child birth to bring forth something new. The old ways are dying and something new and sinister this way comes. The book of Revelation tell us what's coming, we don't have to guess. Time is short. As we approach the dividing line in time that separates the the tribulation/time of Jacob's trouble/Daniel's 70th week from today things continue to go from bad to worse. What that means is, our faith is becoming more and more valuable with every passing day. If we don't stand on our faith, we wont stand at all. Jesus fed Israel in the desert with manna. If your heart is right with him, and you are in need, do you believe he will provide for you? What you believe will make the difference. There's nothing going on today or in the future that our Lord hasn't seen coming since the foundations were laid for this world. Take no thought for the things you need but focus on his kingdom. He knows what you need. Be anxious for nothing, but pray with thanksgiving and your needs will be met.

I have no doubt whatsoever that the Lord would drop manna out of the sky again into a person's backyard, I've seen him do more than that in my own life, what depends is what you believe...that's the factor that determines what shows up for you and what doesn't. Your faith is what keeps you walking outside the boat with Jesus above the storm, not sinking down below the waves. You already know these things, this is just a reminder. Your faith is worth more than gold. We are children of the King, we are dearly loved. We must be faithful, we must be obedient to the point of death should our Lord wish it. Remain "in Christ" be faithful and be patient. It doesn't look like we have much longer to wait. grace and peace