Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fear is a Weapon

You don't have to lose your job, or be homeless, or be hungry to be just as much of a victim of what's going on today as those who have lost their job, house, food. FEAR can take those things away from you even while you seemingly still have them!

Your body reacts to things you fear just as if they are already happening to you. If you have'nt lost your job, but you live in fear that you will, you have just as much bodily and mental stress as you would have if you actually lost your job. In fact, you are worse off because since you are in a state of fear that has no imminent basis in reality, you cant act to remedy anything since nothing has actually happened which makes you feel even WORSE.

The people of the world are being played like a violin. Barak (Hebrew:lightning) Obama is a man hugely favored by this world right now, who is poised in a moment of crisis, to implement the New World Order. Obama may or may not be "the" man of sin, he may just be "a" man of sin. The right person is in place (Obama) at the right time in history (global crisis) to put in place a GLOBAL SOLUTION, also known as the new world order.

Now, back to fear...if you trust in Christ, if he's "got your back" then what are you worrying for? If you are not in Christ, you have reason to worry. What's coming is hell on earth, but ITS NOT HERE YET. For those who are orchestrating the current fear fest, keeping you in fear until the anti-christ is unveiled IS the objective. If you stay in fear, they have you where they want you.

Your answer is "in Christ." Jesus is the "fixer." The world will still be crumbling around you, but you can have peace that makes this world irrelevant. We are in the world, but not of it. While we are here, this worlds affairs are not our concern, our Lord's business is out concern. We are soldiers serving a captain whose kingdom is COMING, but not here yet. Do not be troubled, our King has already overcome this world, and greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world.

There is still an escape coming (luke 21:36), there is a promise to be kept from the hour of trial coming on this whole world. Focus your mind on the promises not the problems :-)

grace and peace