Thursday, January 15, 2009

How Close to the End Are We?

Well, I guess it depends on what you define as "the end."

Perhaps I should ask, how close are we to "all hell breaking loose?"

Pretty close......

Take a close look at what's going on in the Middle East right now. You know what Israel is doing in Gaza? Laying BAIT. There's really no other explanation for the actions Israel is taking. They are deliberately targeting schools, hospitals, homes, the UN COMPOUND!!! Why? To bait the muslim countries into attacking. So far, the arab nations of the world have excercise monumental restraint but blood is starting to boil in the streets of the arab nations as people become outraged at the killing (deliberate) of civilians.

Has Israel lost its mind? Nope, they know exactly what they are doing. Israel has the most sophisticated precision weapons this world can offer, and yet they are using white phosphorous shells to spray large areas where they know civilians are everywhere? Yep. Could Israel be perfroming surgical strikes on Hamas only targets right now? Sure they could, but they are not. Israel knows how to surgically strike and they know how to wave a broad wand of destruction. Today..these days...they are waving the broad wand of destruction. So how does this play out?

Back to all hell breaking loose...Remember that "crisis" that Joe Biden promised us right after the inaguration? Remember the crisis in Colin Powell promised us for the Obama administration? Well, what's going to happen when muslim countries feel so much pressure from their people that they HAVE to attack Israel? People are taking to the streets by the millions across the world today in protest of Israel's actions...the bait's pretty effective yea?

When the muslim countries attack, Israel and the United States respond by laying a hurting on them, which results in what? A middle east under greater control by Israel, the United States and the United Nations. What will this accomplish? PEACE AND SAFETY, unwalled villages for Israel. If this bait works, and the muslim countries attack, they will get their rear-ends handed to them, just as planned.

What does this set the stage for? The Gog-Magog invasion, which sets the stage for the tribulation.

Turn on the news guys, see prophesy unfolding before your very eyes. Anti-christ is RISING today. Israel is the key to it all. WAR is key to it all. War is a catalyst, it transforms the landscape of this world QUICKLY in every way imaginable. Kingdoms rise and fall today through WAR. What's that on your TV set? War...

So if you see an attack on Israel soon by more than homemade rockets, don't be surprised, THAT'S THE PLAN! Draw in the arabs and destroy them. How will the world be able to condemn Israel for "defending itself" against the arab world when they attack....beautiful design huh?

If things go down this way, we are in for a wild ride. We could see the UN move into the middle east on a broad scale, Israel could do whatever it wants with its borders and (gasp) even mess with the dome of the rock. What are the Arabs gonna do, they just got whipped...We could see the end time vault door swing wide open and spill out the books of Revelation, Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah onto the world scene. Exciting times.

On a side note, it makes me sick to my stomach to see the dead and dying in Gaza. Should we, as disciples of Christ, rejoice over the killing and suffering of anyone? No. I mourn with the dead on both sides of the dying over there.

Wake up guys, can you see how close we are? What kinds of economic impacts will all out war with the middle east have? How will the map be redrawn? Do you see all the "issues" that will draw in your attention while anti-christ is rising in the wings? Your attention will be on "door A" while anti-christ will be entering through "door B"...misdirection at its finest.

I have written on this in the past. It's going to take faith, patience, and the Holy Spirit to understand what's going on in the world even DURING all the signs and wonders we see spelled out in the bible. Do you think Satan wants you looking at your bible then looking at the world and thinking "hey, this book is actually TRUE!" No way. In fact, the Lord himself sends a strong delusion to the world to compound the fog. Those who live in sin and wickedness won't understand the times, even while signs and wonders are smacking them in the face.

Remain "in Christ," be faithful, be patient, resist sin with every fiber of your being, be a good soldier-endure hardship. Time is short