Sunday, January 04, 2009

Innovating Apostasy

During the time of the end...which is to, there will be increasingly diverse deceptions, that will go so far, and be so good, that if it were possible, even the elect will be deceived by them. Last night, I saw a not so new, but called new, movement called "the prayer movement." Right away, as soon as you see that word "movement" you KNOW we're talking about some new apostasy, some new form of satanic skullduggery.

The people in this movement seem to think its some "new" thing that the Holy Spirit is doing at the end of the age to bring in more souls for Jesus. Isn't that what every so called "new" movement says their going to do?

These 'revolutionaries' say their 'movement' is about

1. prayer (continually)


2. Intimacy with God

Are those supposed to be new things? These are the things these men are forming a 'movement' around? The bible has been telling us this for thousands of years now and they are forming a 'movement' around it today?

Once you do a little digging, you see and smell some of the satanic rot they have thrown in to hook and reel in the apostate fish. Some of the key words that form the backbone of their movement are PLEASURE, FEELING, happiness, and joy. The best lies always have some truth to them. Our joy comes from the Holy Spirit in us, and is a result of our right-standing with Jesus, also known as "righteousness." The two words that set off the rot bell are "pleasure" and "feeling." They say it was the fact that God was so self absorbed that made him so effective. WHAT? Our feelings are TRAITORS. My flesh makes sure that my feelings are almost always traitors to my spiritual development. There's a reason we are called to a life of self control and discipline, because what we "feel like" doing is many times counter productive to what we should be doing.

I know what a life seeking pleasure ends up like. Do a little research on the ancient world, on figures like Caligula, did he turn out to be a "godly" man? I guess, if your god is Satan you could say "yea, he was "godly." There are small pleasures that are natural byproducts of a DISCIPLINED, SELF CONTROLLED LIFE. We do not seek our pleasure, we seek HIS (Jesus') pleasure.

It only takes a very small amount of poison sprinkled over a perfectly good meal to kill a man. 99.9% of the meal might be fine, but that .1% cyanide sprinkled over the the food WILL kill you dead. Satan knows this, most men seem not to know this. Spiritual poison works just as deadly as worldly poison, the results are the same: death.

There is nothing new under the sun. You know you should pray, we don't need a "movement" to help us understand that. We know we should be loving and close to our God, we don't need a "movement" to tell us that either. I expect more "movements" to sprout up out of the bowels of hell as we near the end. Jesus said "be not deceived"

Remain in him, grace and peace