Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 26 of 80 Day Watch-M6.6 Earthquake Today

A couple notes today:

Another large quake (Magnitude 6.6) today off the southern tip of South America:

The mega-quake on 4/11 was a "continue watching" sign-that is a direct quote of what flashed in my mind which I believe was from the Lord. Mega-quake with no deaths-in itself both a sign and a miracle. The sign tells us the destroyer is coming and mercy is still held out for those who need to get right with the Lord. The miracle is not just this mega-quake but a whole string of recent violent weather that has resulted in no deaths.

There are a number of people popping up on youtube claiming to be prophets of the Lord. These people have dreams and visions almost every night it seems. I listened to them at first to test their message, after a week away from the internet I came back and the Lord impressed on me to distance my eyes and ears from what they are saying.

The Lord impressed me with our need to re-establish a foundation and deep root in Him. Forget everything else, what is the Lord saying? That's all that really matters. If you feel like you are hazy in the brain and drifting mentally, you just cant seem to stay on track in your head, you aren't the only one feeling that way. Remember your past with the Lord, He remembers your good times and bad. Remember the good, re-connect with what worked in the past. Ask, seek, knock. These are the things the Lord has impressed upon this writer over the past day or so.

This writer is on the correct track as he watched the signs of the approach of the destroyer. The 4/11 mega-quake was absolutely a sign and signal to this writer specifically that the writing here and thinking is on track. I have been asking the Lord if the writing about the destroyer and signs in the heavens should stop, am I deceived, is there somewhere else you would have me looking? I ask Him those questions. The answer is to stay on track exactly as we have been proceeding.

We are at war spiritually, we are and will be casualties. We must get up each day, and brush ourselves off and re-engage in the (spiritual/mental) fight. Never, ever, ever EVER give up. Keep watching, be very patient. The "flood" event has not occurred yet, neither has the escape from all, but we have signs everywhere that they might not be far off. We may be watching and waiting for many more years who knows. Of times and dates we need not write. What we must do is be watching and ready daily for the Master to call us up.

We must be ready to meet our Master on any day at any time. He told us to be watching and be ready always. Always means right now.

grace and peace