Friday, April 13, 2012

M8.9 Earthquake Off the Coast of Sumatra

I asked the Lord recently for a "cannot deny its coming" sign that the destroyer is inbound. At the same time I asked that this sign not take any lives. How could I ask the Lord for something that gets someone killed? While I'm away, He delivers. People can say what they want to, this is precisely what I asked for and precisely what arrived. All the glory be His forever.

It is very safe to say that an 8.9 is close enough to a 9.0 earthquake and either an 8.9 or a 9.0 earthquake qualifies as a mega-quake and this one produced no tsunami and no fatalities, how interesting.... This quake was very similar to the Japan quake but with zero destructive aftermath. This kind of sign is the most dangerous to the world. They are already back asleep again and its not even a week old event.

Interesting part here, someone had to tell me about this quake after seeing it as an alert on their smartphone. I went straight to the TV kept the it tuned to the news all day, I flipped channels all day as well and you know how much news I saw on this mega-quake? Nada, zero, zilch. Not a word all day, or the next day...nothing. Interesting.

How much more evidence do we need? Not only is the mega-quake itself evidence, but the suppression of it in the news is also evidence. The cover up and suppression of the news is almost more meaningful than the real events. They don't want anyone to wake up, they are trying hard to keep people asleep.

This mega-quake falls smack in the middle of the 77, now 80 day watch this brother is keeping watching for the Lord.

Another thought occurred to me about these quakes and the USGS. Have you ever noticed how the USGS never upgrades a quake? They always, always ALWAYS shave the data down. They always downgrade the quakes, always. Why exactly is that? Why do they never ever ever need to upgrade their estimate of the quake strength. We know why.....just go back to sleep right?

Just arrived back, need to unpack. grace and peace