Tuesday, April 17, 2012

M6.4 SE of South America, NW of Antarctica

And they just keep coming, they wont go away. Just like the tribulation will be, people trying everything and anything to change the channel, kill the messengers, bury their heads, but it won't go away.

This kind of large and frequent seismic activity is not normal...Have you seen the massive solar flare that blew yesterday?

No, it won't go away. Someone is trying to get our attention. If we want to know how this story develops we can open the book of Revelation and start reading. We know how the story started, and how it ends. With all the signs and signals still most people are in denial. Many are in violent denial. Deep down inside, they know its coming and they cannot shut up that voice inside that tells them time is short.

What can we do as the entire creation groans and gets violent? There is a shelter, a hiding place, a fortress, a refuge, a high tower we can take safety in and His name is Yeshua, Jesus, the Son of God our Lord, Master and Savior. The Restrainer has not been taken out of the way yet, there is still time to turn back to the Creator. There is time to repent and ask forgiveness and turn from our willful ways.

The hand of mercy is still outstretched. There is time for us to pray for all those who do not know the Lord yet. We do not know how much time so now is the time to seek what can be found in the way of mercy and grace.

Keep the faith, grace and peace.