Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About That Important News

Yesterday a piece of information was posted here, that was, that Noah went into the Ark, on a day that equates to late April, early May this year (see yesterdays post for details). Does that mean the Lord will come for us this year on the 17th day of the second month of the hebrew calendar? Maybe, maybe not. We see in the bible "no man knows the day or the hour" and I am fine with that. Do we really need the day and hour if we've got red glowing neon signs all over a season?

In the last days, mockers will come. These people will pay for their scorn and derision because their own lack of understanding will punish them. The bible tells us clearly that we are many things, one of those things is: soldiers. I was enlisted in the Air Force and an officer in the Army and I think I have a good idea of what being a soldier means. The mockers do not understand soldiering. Guess what soldiers do? They train for war constantly, another way of saying this is they maintain "readiness." Soldiers understand that they can be called on at any minute of any day to deploy into combat. Today's soldiers know that better than anyone. We, as children of the Most High God also maintain a state of readiness. Our eyes are open to even the slightest hints on the horizon that we may be called by our master. While others are mocking, we are maintaining watchfullness and readiness.

Each feast day that passes, we heighten our readiness, they laugh. Each time of increased tension in the world, we prepare, they mock. The weeks ahead are pregnant with something...what I don't know, and we must be ready. The day when laughter is heard no more is coming soon. We are indeed in the days of Noah and Lot. Noah built the ark while people stood around and laughed/mocked him. The day the flood arrived, they learned what laughing and mocking will get you.

My final point today is this. Recently our brother David Wilkerson said he heard from the Lord, and his opinion is we should have 30 days of food on hand. I do not disagree with him, when Peter walked on water with Jesus, the storm was all around him, his faith was tested. A theme throughout the bible is faith being put to the test. If hypothetically, the escape happened sometime this spring (late April/Early May?) then I would not be surprised by some kind of catastrophic event 30 days or so prior, which puts us at (late March/Early April?). That's days away.

Soldiers participate in drills for the "real thing." I am now,and always will be a soldier in heart, and I look at the days ahead as a "field exercise" that may "go live" at any moment. So what if nothing happens? My heart and spirit were ready for the master. We were commanded, it was not a suggestion, to watch and yet people stand around with their critic hats on slip sliding their way down the broad path. We are in a period of time where every preparatory thing we've ever done to prepare ourselves for the Lord may well pay off. What happens when Jesus does show up and we can meet him at the door and say "Hi Lord, we were expecting you :-)" That is exactly, precisely the right answer.....those are the words that should be coming from our mouths.

I have seen evidence from more sources than I can remember at this point, that a very real possibility for the near future will be a nuclear attack on multiple cities in the US and abroad. Go to the London Telegraph website and watch their 5 part slideshow called "operation blackjack." Brother Wilkerson mentioned fire in the streets of NYC and the rest of the country affected as well. When you finish watching "operation blackjack" you'll understand more of what he's talking about. Time is short.

grace and peace