Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Hit...The Coming Crisis

I just heard it again....I was listening to radio interview with a guy who has good connections, was on the radion Jan 12th and said something to the effect of "it's coming, within 90-120 days, there will be martial law in this country." Just before that they flashed the Joe Biden remarks that guaranteed us a generated crisis to test Obama. The take away from this is not the remarks themselves...its the timing... We keep getting hit after hit after hit on the same time frame. When did Noah enter the ark? The 17th day of the second hebrew calendar month which equates to late April, early may this year. When does 90-120 days fall from the radio interview I just heard from Jan 12th? Late April..early May of this year. Our brother Dave Wilkerson heard the Lord's voice warning him, and all of us that something really really bad is coming...soon.

At this point, nobody can say they were not warned. I have now heard the same things, pointing to the same time frame, from so many different sources, that I have to think we are well beyond something "might" happen. I'm standing on the wall watching, and I am telling you what I see from where I stand. I have tasted in my spirit, from the Lord's own hands, what its going to feel like when this thing comes and its really really not good. Even now I find it hard to shake this feeling. I am usually really good at being able to shake the flashes and waves of foreshadowing of the times to come but this time, its here and I can't seem to shake it. Apparanently something is right around the corner. Normally I would ask the Lord to lift this off of me. I would ask him for a reprieve from this feeling of forebodeing and gloom. But if we are as close as I think we are to this thing happening, I want the Lord to give me all I can handle of this "whatever it is" if it will result in even 1 more person awakeing from their slumber.

Today I have seen 2 additional pieces of evidence that point toward the immediate days ahead, now being counted in days and weeks instead of months and years. I will be shocked if nothing happens. If nothing does happen, we can say we were ready in case it did. We are called to watch and to be ready. Our God is firmly in control of the time line for all the things that are about to happen. Our God loves us, he has given us his Son, our Lord Jesus Christ to fight for us, to advocate for us before the Father. We also have this treasure in jars of clay, his precious Holy Spirit. Realize where we stand in history, reconnect with the fundamentals of the faith. Rekindle the sparks under the fire that was and is your love for Him. We are not without hope. We stand on many promises. Whatever comes through the doors of the future at us, we face it with Him and in Him, armed and comforted by numerous promises that absolutely, positively will come to pass just as He said they would. Chances are good that a major withdrawal will be required from our "faith accounts" very soon, make sure you have the funds in the account to cover it. You are dearly loved, remain in Him, grace and peace.