Thursday, March 05, 2009

Who Will Witness When "All the Christians" Are Removed?

There's an argument out there that goes something along the lines of: "if all the christians are removed, who witnesses to the lost?" After they ask that question, they then go on to dismiss what the 144,00o pure Jewish, sealed servants of God are going to do, but they also show their lack of understanding of what's not going to happen during the escape....

There will be millions of so called christians who will not be counted worthy of the escape when it comes. These will be people who did this, that and the other in Jesus name, but as things stand today, they don't know him..Go re-read Matt 7:21, many will say to me on that day "Lord, Lord." These will be people who have been "churched" which is to say, institutionalized, branded and packaged in so called christianity all their lives, yet they still don't know him. On the day of the escape, when they are not counted worthy, it will be a shocking wake up call to many of them. They will then know for a fact that "playing church" as they have done their whole lives does'nt cut it. Some of these people will wake up at that time, figure out what it was they were doing and change course. These people will join the 144,000 sealed servants of God in doing their part for the kingdom of our God during Daniels 70th week.

Churchianity today is big business. It's tax exempt with a largely volunteer staff to support a system of religious CEO's known as "pastors" who act as clergy over the laity in a system the Lord HATES. Read Rev 2-3 again, remember the "nicolaitans?" Nico=conquer, laitan=laity. It's a system that involves the word "laity" which is the exact idolatrous system in 99.9% of all the churches in the world today. A plurality of elders oversees the flock, not single guru, CEO types that the ungodly pastoral system has setup today. We see the word elders all over the place in the bible and the word "pastor" one time in the book of Ephesians, think there's a message in there?

What the body of Christ is and is not will become clearer as the pressure ratchets up in this world. The multi-million dollar monuments to men that have been built in the name of God are going to become ruins in the not too distant future. Think about all the money spent to sustain the glory of man, while people starve to death, are homeless and naked in this world. The body of Christ is an organic, living breathing organism, not a manmade organization. The body of Christ is not an institution to "church" people. If you are "unchurched" thank God for it, its that much less you have to unlearn.

The true body of Christ today is weak and scattered to the four winds. Re-read Rev 3, the message to the church of philadelphia, that's the church found worthy to be "kept" from the trial coming on the whole earth and what does the Lord say about them? They have little strength, but they have kept the word of his patience. Kept the word....patience....little strength. It is imperative today that people know the Lord Jesus Christ....really know him.

Many will find out they don't know him after the wise virgins (Matt 25) have passed through the open door in heaven (Rev 4). Those who are left will face a tough time, but they will not be entirely without hope. I believe the Lord showed me this morning that it will be a revisitation to the wilderness experience the children of Israel had.

Nehemiah 9:12 "And with a pillar of cloud You led them by
... "And with a pillar of cloud You led them by day, And with a pillar of fire by night To light for them the way In which they were to go.

Not only that, but the Lord fed them with the ravens and manna from heaven...the Lord himself fed them. The trial that is coming on the entire world will surpass what happened in that wilderness experience by a longshot, so will the Lord fail to provide? He will provide, just as he always has. Different people will have different destinies during the 7 years in front of us. Some will die, some will make it through the entire thing. Some will be imprisoned, there will be no one size fits all experience. The bottom line is, as long as a person finds their way "in Christ" before they die, there is always hope.

Today is a pre-flood day. There's still time to be counted worthy of the escape that is coming. It's not a foregone conclusion that you have to go through the 7 years of hell on earth. Draw close to the master today and he will draw close to you. There is'nt much time left, but what time there is we should sieze and make use of.

The Lord gave me a tour of my own life over this past year to show me that I have been prepared over the course of my lifetime for these days. Those of you who are "in Christ" were also shaped for this time, these days. We are here for a reason, with various skills and abilities to put to work for the master. I am painfully aware of all my shortcomings, and I strive today to be counted worthy along with you of the escape that is coming. Remember the parable of the talents. As long as you don't bury your talent, as long as you do something with it you will have something to show (however little or much) for what you've been given.

out of time for today, grace and peace