Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of the true church. It's a day that our Lord gave us his precious treasure in these jars of clay: the promised Holy Spirit. Today is a day to remember what our Lord has done and what he promises to do in the future. There is an escape from all promised. There are rewards and punishments promised.

I spent some time with the Lord this morning and what he gave me has nothing to do with the escape, it has to do with a vision/mission he has given me to do with the time we have left before he shows up. I don't know whether today or tomorrow or next month will be the day we walk into our "ark" and out of this world, but I do know what our Lord expects from us while we are still here. He expects us to use our faith, to exercise it. That in a nuthsell is the parable of the talents from Matt 25.

If the Lord comes back for us today thats great, we'll be with him where he heaven. If he does not come back then we have an opportunity to use one more day to do something..anything with what we've been given on behalf of the kingdom and our Father's glory. Keep your eyes on the prize and expect our master to show up any minute, you can't go wrong living like that.

grace and peace