Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pentecost Rapture

I woke up last night at 1am EST and felt the need to pray. I have no idea whether or not the escape from all will take place over the next day or two but if it does I want to remind you of this. A week or two ago the Lord brought to my mind to remind you of Lot's wife. She was on the way out of Sodom and she looked back. If this thing does happen, if the Lord shows up and asks you "are you ready?" REMEMBER LOTS WIFE.

Set it in your heart now that you will not look back at this world or anything in it. We may hear "the bridegroom cometh" or "are you ready" or maybe something else but the point is the specific warning for remembering Lot's wife was given to us who are on our way out!!!!! The Lord is very detail oriented, you have been warned and prepared for everything you need to know for that special day.

If the escape from all is not on Pentecost 2009 is makes no difference whatsoever to us who are watching every day. We are ready and watching every day unlike so many who surround us. We are soldiers ready for our commander to show up at any minute. Some days are loaded with more significance than others and tomorrow seems to be one of those "loaded" days than others so we would be wise to seek the Lord's face TODAY before he might show up. I was on my knees this morning at 1am seeking his face about the next 24 hours and the only thing I received from him is my earlier post from today.

I am convinced that there will be a pre-departure "something" that is a time interval between notification and departure before the escape takes place. Noah wasn't sawing wood then poof went into the ark. Lot wasn't baking bread then poof found himself outside of Sodom. Noah and Lot were both told in advance what was going to happen and WHEN. In Noahs case it was 7 days, in Lots case it was the day after the angels arrived. We see from the "one taken one left" texts in Matt 24 and Luke 17 that we are told those on the rooftop don't go down to the house, those in the field don't go back to try and get anything, that implies TIME to actually do those things between notification and departure. The cherry on top of this is the parable of the virgins. They all heard "the bridegroom cometh!" but the foolish went away to "buy oil" which relates perfectly with the idea of not going down from the rooftop or coming back from the field to try and get anything.

When you get the notification, perhaps wake your family up and pray for 1. all the brothers 2. your family 3. yourself that we all will REMEMBER LOTS WIFE.

grace and peace