Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Road Ahead

We need to keep our eyes to the skies in the days ahead. May 11 is the anniversary of Noah entering the ark. This summer puts us exactly 3.5 years away from the 2012 date which is being scientifically proven to be a very significant date (earth's magnetic field, sunspots, polar reversals, ice melting, sea levels rising etc etc). The pig/bird/whatever flu has dropped back down under the radar for many, but this thing is modeled/created by men to be exactly like the spanish flu of 1918 which did little in the spring in killed tens of millions in the fall.

We must keep watch for our Lord's return daily. With that said, I beleive the Lord is working something in me now to feed the hungry in the future and why would he give me the faith to believe for something he never planned to bring to fruition? That personal reason is the only reason I can think of that would be any indicator that we have a little more time left. The word of God specifically commands us to be watching and ready for him continually. We are to always pray for the escape from all that is coming.

This vision the Lord has given me is something special and when the time is right I will tell you more about it but for now I can tell you that he loves all of his children. The people who will believe after the escape occurs are just as dearly loved as those who go in the escape. I believe this thing he has made me "pregnant with" by faith, will be part of some kind of food provision for those who end up here after the escape occurs. I believe the Lord has given me a hint relating to what happened with Joesph in Egypt where 7 years of grain were stored before the famine hit the land. Its something like that, but its not exactly that. Suffice it to say, the Lord is active and busy, he has not thrown his hands up in despair at what is happening in this world. He is at work! He is building his kingdom, he is moving his chess pieces on the board so that once again when satan thinks he has the game won, he will be one step away from being checkmated.

In these last days our God is not sitting by idly. I believe he has spoken to you, return to faith hope and love. Return to a pure religion that consists of keeping yourself unspotted by the world and do what you can for the poor and helpless. Focus on your first love, maintain it at all costs. If you lose your faith when you need it the most, what a tragedy that would be. Stand up, straighten your back, LOOK UP, we struggle against a defeated enemy. Greater is he who lives within us than him who is in the world. Seek the face of the Lord today, should a people not inquire of their God?

You do not need hired hands to mediate for you with God, that was done away with on the cross. Today we have one mediator between God and man and his name is Jesus Christ, not your "pastor." If you have a family and two of you in the house are believers, then you can say with pride that there is a church in your house, permanently assembled. If your family does not believe, then start praying. Jesus has really opened my eyes lately. When he said that if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we could command trees to be uprooted and cast into the sea or we could move mountains, HE WAS NOT KIDDING. He was not being dramatic or overly verbose, he was stating fact like he always does, he cannot lie. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. It is time today to start taking our God at his word. Everything that was written is there for a reason and it is fact.

There is an escape from all coming, your faith can move mountains, it can also move people. Ask, seek, knock, and when you do ask DO NOT DOUBT. Do not be doubleminded. I think we are on the home stretch headed straight for the finish line. How far away that is only our God knows. The balance of this year could hold some very unpleasant surprises for mankind. Today is the time to believe that the pig flu cannot touch you when it comes back to kill millions this fall. Today is the day to excercise your faith, to believe to read and heed the words that were written to men by God Almighty.

This is no joke. The faith you use, or don't use today will be recorded (I believe) as what you did or did not do for the kingdom of God while you were on earth. Read the parable of the talents again (Matt 25). The master gave you something to use, what is it? Are you using it?

Today is a pre-flood day. People are planting and building, buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage. This will continue, right up until the very day we enter our Ark, the day of the escape which will see a door open in heaven, the Son of God will have the key of David in his hand. We will see rewarded and redeemed people in heaven (rev 4-5). On that same day, all hell breaks loose here on earth.

We cannot say we have not been warned.

grace and peace