Friday, May 08, 2009

A Timely Warning

It was posted earlier today that we can be certain that "those taken" in both Luke 17 and Matt 24 are the righteous, and yes, the event pictured is "the escape." We know this with certainty because we are told to "remember Lot's wife." What happened with Lot's wife? She was on the way out of Sodom and she looked back.

The righteous were on their way out of Sodom, and Lot's wife looked back. If you are'nt going anywhere, what is there to look back on?

I'm posting again today because that warning to remember Lot's wife is still playing in my mind. The warning to remember Lot's wife is a very unique warning, its not a warning to everyone, just to those who are on their way out of here. Think about that. If you are counted worthy of the escape from all that's coming, thank God for it but remember that this specific warning is for you.

On a day just like today, a day before the flood, you may hear a voice that asks you "are you ready?" If you are in the field or on a rooftop or wherever, you have been given specific instructions what to do, don't return to the house for anything, don't hustle here or there to do anything, either you are ready, or you are not. This brings me to the next point, today you need to untangle yourself from this world. Get the spiritual scalpel out if you are emotionally or spiritually tied to this world in any way. The warning to remember Lot's wife is a warning to be ready to leave when its time to leave. It's a warning to not look back. Remember this warning, please remember it.

On May 11, monday of next week, it will be the anniversary of Noah going into the ark. For us who are watching and waiting everyday, no one day should catch us off guard, but there are certain days we should put a star on our calendars for. This day, Monday should be one such day. The probability that it will be the day we escape all is low, but so is every other day. Low probability means nothing. One day, we know for certain our Lord is going to give us our Noah and Lot experience. One day the escape from all WILL happen, thats a fact.

If the Lord came knocking on your door on Monday, or sent an angel to ask you "are you ready?" Would you make the mistake of Lot's wife? Untangle yourself, in your mind and heart today. Tremble at the word of God and take it VERY seriously, because it is very serious. What heartbreak would there be, if you were counted worthy of this escape, you were on the way out of here, then you replicated the mistake of Lot's wife. Not good...not good.

People have a way of blowing off all the warning our Lord has given. They are just sure that a decision they made 30 years ago is all they'll ever need so let's tune back into the hockey playoffs and babylonian idol and forget the rest! How foolish.

Driving home today I had a strong impression that the day we see around us today has "days of Noah and Lot" stamped all over it. That may seem like an obvious observation but I'm saying I was "impressed" or "moved" by it somehow. I also think I caught a momentary hint, kind of like smelling sweet perfume for just a millisecond then its gone, that time might be up for this world. None of this was overpowering, it never is. It's ultra-gentle nudging, a still quiet voice. Something you just can't put your finger on but its there.

My point today is not when the escape takes place, its WHAT to do when it does take place. Yes, theres still something to do....REMEMBER the warning..remember Lot's wife. Time may be shorter than we think.

grace and peace