Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Life is a Blur Right Now. The Flu-Your Health

Greetings Friends, I wanted to update you on what's happening in my life right now. I started a new (dream) job that the Lord has prepared for me to do for some time now. With the new work comes alot of learning new things. In addition to the new work, I coach my son's football team 3 nights per week plus games on Saturday, I'm also taking a language (Russian) class one night per week which creates homework. I spend time with the Lord in the morning and time with my family in between all this.

In Novemember things will slow down a bit, and I hope to post more often. For now while things are so busy the Lord is impressing me with the idea that no matter how busy things get, keeping him first will always be priority number one. Keeping him first is something the military calls a "force multiplier" because he helps us with everything we do in life.

I wanted to let you know something that the Lord let me know here recently through someone I have never met before and have never seen since. I believe the Lord brought him across my path to tell me (and now you) something important about our health. With all the pig flu, bird flu, seasonal flu and everything else floating around right now the timing could not be better.

1. Prayer and time spent with the Lord is your best weapon against the flu.

2. Use your blender (not juicer) to create fresh juices for your health. Forget the "juicer" use your blender. You will drink the pulp and all. I put things in like dark greens (spinach/kale) lettuce apple pear strawberry GARLIC banana and anything else I can put in thats not bitter/then just add fresh water and puree. The idea here is not to create some pleasant tasting smoothie, its to keep you alive and healthy when the food supply is polluted with genetically altered ingredients and there are constant attacks on the health of the population at large by viruses and whatever else is going around.

FRESH GARLIC is a powerful anti-viral. put a half clove of garlic and a little water in your blender and puree it, then add some strawberries and do puree again. The strawberry takes a huge bite out of the powerful Garlic oil taste but still allows the garlic to war against whatever is ailing you, then add whatever else you want. Cooking things kills many of the benefits you get from fresh produce. All you need to do this is a blender water and fresh ingredients. I have fought off a number of attacks on my health with this. Your doctor cannot prescribe anything to fight a virus off of you when you get sick but our Lord created things that will fight virus, its called: GARLIC. Onions work too but not as well. Combine both in a salad or whatever else you can think up but keep high heat cooking away from your food while you are fighting off all the crud floating around these days. DISCLAIMER: this is NOT medical advice. I am not a doctor. I believe the Lord brought someone across my path to tell me this and now I am passing it on to you for your benefit.

Bottom line here: PRAY first, spend time with the Lord daily. Also use your blender to blend up various concoctions from your supermarket fresh produce department and see your health improve daily, fight off the crud going around these days.

The Lord loves us dearly and I am always amazed at how he provides for us in various ways at various times. This whole juice from the blender thing is something that came out of nowhere from someone I met once and have never seen again. He was an angel sent by the Lord whether he knows it or not. I was not going to say anything about this on this blog but how could I call myself your brother and hold something like that back if I thought it could help you?

Keep the faith, grace and peace