Friday, October 16, 2009

Praise Him Through the Bad Times

This evening the Lord impressed me with a lesson from the story of Job. The lesson is, praise the Lord through the hard times and watch what comes out on the other side. That's it.

How many of us have had the wealth, health, status, family etc etc that Job had then lost it all? I'd wager none of us.... Through all that Job lost, he never sinned by accusing the Lord of wrongdoing. Because of Job's righteousness through his hard times he came out shining in the end.

Whatever it is that you are going through, praise our God through it all. Keep your focus on the answer to your problem: Jesus. Through patience, persistence and praise you can move the world.

The second thing the Lord impressed me with is to remember the source of our comfort. Many people find their comfort in circumstances they find favorable. When those circumstances change, their peace is demolished. Be sure to keep your faith, hope peace and comfort all centered "in Christ." In a world of constant change, the only place we can assure our peace is in our Lord. He never changes.

I have been very busy lately but in small moments each day the Lord is showing me how what I am doing now will benefit the brothers, my family and myself. Part of that benefit will be making me a better writer. I apologize for my terrible writing style over the past years. Now that I have to do some writing for work, trained eyes (not mine) are showing me how choppy and disconnected much of my writing has been. Sorry :-) I'm working on it, but it might take awhile because I often get in the way of my own progress :-)

Our God is very very good. With all my heart I encourage you to trust him. Believe that what he says in his word is true. Keep the faith, grace and peace.