Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today marks a year from the mega-quake that struck Japan. The year before in Chile we had an 8.8 on 2/28. These quakes, combined with all the other signs we are seeing have the signature of the Lord all over them. Earthquakes especially are a "signature" judgement. Do a word search of your bible and see how many returns you get for "earthquake."

Here's a video of an American worker describing the sounds coming out of Fukushima as "demonic." Interesting choice of words...That video is below the google ad video on this page:

What's the purpose behind the quakes we've already seen and the monsters yet to come? To get our attention. Who wants our attention? The Lord Almighty, YAHWEH our Father and His son, the Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua our Lord and Savior. Why does brother d capitalize all these pronouns that refer to the Lord? Its my own personal modification to the English language for the Most High God. There is no other apart from Him.

Be watching and ready for a mega-quake over the balance of this month. We just had a 7.1 two days ago that itself signaled our thinking is on the right track. A destroyer is inbound. What its name is I don't know and don't care. What will the effects of this destroyer be on the earth? Again, read the book of Revelation all the details are laid out for us clearly. How many vials, trumpets, seals involve things in the heavens impacting the earth? I cannot count them all.

Look up when all these things begin to happen, thats what the Lord told us to do. Could these major spring time quakes be a marker the Lord is using to get us to pay special attention to this time of year? Perhaps, I don't know but I'm not taking any chances. This brother is watching and waiting and trying to be ready each and every day for the Lord's return. Only a fool would put off such preparation.

The hour appears to be late. I've had that thought for a few years now which tells me that the Lord is patient and does not reckon time as we do, and each and every day that goes by brings us closer to the day our Lord actually does return for us.

There is no other rapture doctrine that has the upper hand on being ready to leave this earth each and every day. We are ready today before the tribulation, if the Lord did not show up before the tribulation we would be watching for His return during the tribulation. If He did not return during the tribulation we would be watching for it after. That's what watching and readiness every day gets you. Those people who have accepted man made doctrines that instruct them to look for the Lords return on some other day down the road are gambling in a game they will likely lose.

We who watch in readiness daily are taking no chances with times and dates....

1 Thessalonians 5:1

Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you,

This brother does not want anyone to miss the escape from all (luke 21:36/Rev 3:10/Matt 25 parable of the virgins). Who could wish the horrors of the tribulation on anyone? Those who disagree with me I would gladly take with me (provided I am counted worthy).

What I see on the horizon is terrible. Death, destruction and fear that will slay men of its own accord. Why bring this up? Why consider the terrible?

Ecclesiastes 7:4

... The heart of the wise is where there is mourning, and
the heart of fools where there is mirth

There will be time enough for happy writing, positive outlooks and all that glitters after we have moved beyond these bodies of death and the sin and wickedness in this world. Who knows who can make the escape if they turn their hearts to repentance today?

Is it worth the effort to consider our ways today if it means we escape hell on earth tomorrow?

The Lord is surely calling out to us today. He has made changes in my life that lead me to believe we are sprinting toward the finish line. I have more changes to make in my pursuit of a perfect walk with the Lord. We may never get to perfection here but we can aim for it:

Matthew 5:48

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

I have no idea what if anything is going to happen this year. I do not know when the Lord is coming back for us. Based on what we see around us, we would be wise to prepare for His arrival now.

These are the things on the heart of this brother today. Keep the faith, grace and peace