Monday, March 19, 2012

77 Day Watch Starting Tomorrow

I have many things to write to you today, I hope I can remember all of it. I committed to spending quality time with the Lord twice a day (in prayer constantly but these "two a days" will be time on knees). The moment I committed to this with the Lord, a fire hose opened up of information to my mind. Starting the list here:

1. We are going to have to fight our way across the finish line? The enemy has a problem when trying to attack us because we are shielded by the Lord's power:

1 Peter 1:5

who through faith are shielded by God's power until the coming of the
salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last time

The enemy has to use attacks that are permitted by the Lord. Apparently one of those weapons is some kind of closing of the heavens like the angel having to fight his way through the prince of Persia to give Daniel his message. Another way of describing it is static on the radio, the message isnt coming through clearly. Another way is some kind of unseen hand exerting power against us from spending time with the Lord. Another way to describe it is being detached from our foundation, floating, without stability inside. These things are a weapon, I cannot put the words together exactly so I have to describe around it.

The escape from all-luke 21.36-=prevail=overpower, the access door is closing, spiritual attack against those in Christ, arterial blockage=twice the effort to get the same amount of blood through =equivalent to our spiritual situation. We will have engage every ounce of willpower in disciplined effort, in spiritual combat, to fight the communication lines open between ourselves and the Lord and be found worthy of the great escape that is certainly coming.

What does the Lord mean when He tells us to be "good soldiers"
2 Tim 2:3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

This is what it means, what is the life of a soldier? Discipline, suffering, patience, endurance. Also known as the fruits of the Spirit. Re-dedicate, re-engage. If you fall down one day get back up the next, do not give up, re-engage, re-engage, re-engage. Use every ounce of strength and willpower. When you dont have enough pray for more. This will separate the wheat from the chaff. To do what is being described here we have to really want what we are looking for....

2. 77 day watch starting tomorrow morning 3/20/2012, twice per day. Nexus of events converging from late March through end of May. What is the watch about? Finishing strong. The Lord has convinced me to spend time alone with Him every morning when I rise and every night before bed for a special period of watching and readiness. Purpose? Look at the signs around us, they are everywhere its time to get serious. My prayer to the Lord is that I may be counted worthy to escape all that is about to happen and that I may finish strong-I pray this for you as well. I do not want to limp across the finish line, do you? My prayer is to live up to my highest potential in the days before we leave this place. What is the very best I can expect from myself? What does my best look like? What am I talking about? The parable of the virgins is followed by the parable of the talents. What talents has the Lord given you? Are we earning a return on His investment in us. Time may be very short, the nexus has been identified and I'm not taking any chances. Will you watch with me for 77 days? The first step in the right direction is making a decision. What does "decision" mean? De-means away from, cision-cut off. Cutoff from any other way, commit to a way.

I expect to see the Lord face to face sometime soon, any day now. If not I will continue to watch in readiness with great patience like a good soldier. For now I am on high alert for all the reasons written here over the past months.

3. Earthquake watch. Watch Turkey. I do not know where or if a mega-quake will strike in the days ahead but watch Turkey. For weeks now the entire region has been peppered with quakes day after day, every day.

Look at it now, when the map is on the start page you cannot even see the country it is so covered with earthquakes....


I will be watching in prayer every morning and evening over the next 77 days. No one day is more special than the other during this window. I have seen to much convincing evidence that we should step up our preparedness during this time. As I spend time with the Lord, I will report to you what I hear but I believe the Lord does not want you hearing from me most of what you should know. He wants you to fight the good fight to overcome the spiritual static the enemy has placed as an obstacle before us so you can hear from Him what it is you should know.

The Lord wants us as individuals to finish strong. We can only do this if we sell out completely to Him. Every ounce of our body soul and spirit must be given over to Him. We must commit to do whatever it takes to be found in right standing with Him. A one time "decision" does not equal "remaining" in Him. Re-read John 15 for the details. Remaining "in Christ" is a daily, hourly, to the minute, to the second day in day out process. This makes the "work out your salvation" statement in Philippians 2:12 clear.

There is nothing special about the number 77 that I know of aside from its ability to cover the time on the calendar that I believe we should be in a special state of preparedness.

Keep the faith. Grace and peace