Thursday, March 22, 2012

M6.7 Quake Papua New Guinea

Large quake this morning in New Guinea.

These large quakes have almost been on top of each other, and like the Bible says they are in diverse places. This is day 3 of my 77 day watch for the return of the Lord. Why do a special watch for 77 days?

1. Because I have seen mounting evidence that points to the Lord's return
2. Because we are commanded to watch and be ready everyday

The Lord recently convinced me of the reality and nearness of the destroyer. This celestial object is no figment of the imagination, it is real and it is coming. The evidence I have seen indicates it will be here soon. What soon means exactly I don't know. I don't need to know. About times and dates brothers, I need not write to you....remember? We do not know the day or hour, but can we know the season? I think so, maybe.

In any case, when we see what we believe to be convincing evidence all around us we should prepare. It will go well for those servants who are found watching when the Lord returns.

grace and peace