Friday, March 23, 2012

Area Around Japan Went Completely Quiet

Sometime yesterday or the day before Japan went from earthquakes on the half hour to silent. Look at the map right now and there is not even a 1.0 anywhere near Japan. What I am used to seeing is constant nonstop rattling of that area but instead we see the opposite.

What does that mean? It looks freaky based on what we have seen in the area since 3/11/2011.

On another subject I have noticed an increase in ridicule for anyone who suggests a destroyer is inbound to the earth. Here's a newflash for these people. As the book of Revelation plays out, every single event in the book will be explained away and downplayed by this world. What do I mean? There are HUGE earthquakes that will take place in Rev 6 and Rev 8. What will the world say when they happen? I will tell you...

They will give you any excuse they can think up as long as its not the truth, the wrath and judgement of God has arrived. They will tell us it is "haarp" causing all the quakes, not judgement. Maybe they will make some other fiction up to explain things away, point is that not just earthquakes but everything else written in the book of Revelation has a pre-planned script written around it to explain things away with a non-biblical excuse.

It is happening today and it will continue to happen.

be watching be ready. This is day 4 of 77 of my watch for the Lord's return. Keep the faith, grace and peace.